To the Young upwardly mobile professional, technology is the very fabric that connects us all together. It is what keeps us alive; it empowers us to make the right decisions about ourselves; and it allows us to hold our governments accountable as well. To lots of Young people, the closest connection they can attribute to Technology is Social Media.

Unemployment affects young people in Africa severely, especially as there are no safety nets for her young population. With young people representing the highest demographic count, unemployment is a key factor to the crisis in North Africa. I don’t believe that Africa is destined to be perpetually poor or that she will never be able to feed her people and provide decent jobs for her youth. Many recent reports have shown that African economies are fast growing, which means that great economic opportunities will be made available to young people. Corruption will never help the issues of unemployment as often officials embezzle State Funds with no persecution.

African youth are rising to this challenge now more than ever before. They are making their voices heard through social media and through their votes during elections. Young people are holding government accountable through budget tracking ventures such as BudgIT a creative start-up driven to review the Nigerian budget and public data in a finer detail in order to reach every literacy span. It is aimed at stimulating citizens’ interests in help government reduce its waste. The start-up is run by young people.

We are seeing youth interest in agricultural increase too. Youth believe that agriculture will provide under- and un-employed youths with employment and income. This in turn will provide the food we need via increased production, and ensure that farming is passed from one generation to the next.

There are several examples of what young Africans are doing with Technology albeit via Social Media. It is laudable!

Yours Sincerely,

Esther Agbarakwe

(Esther Agbarakwe, whom many of her friends in Nigeria call “estherclimate”, is a passionate development activist working on reproductive health & rights, environmental Justice, gender mainstreaming, youth development, and strategic advocacy on sustainable development. She tweets via @estherclimate)

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