I am excited to announce that I will be co-hosting the Guardian #YouthEngage Tweetathon for West Africa powered by The Guardian Global Development Professionals Network.


This is an opportunity for young people and their advocates to give their own answers to the question: “How do we better engage young people socially, economically and politically?”

The focus will be on on the following broad outlines:

  • Education, employment and career opportunities available for young people in West Africa.
  • Thoughts on governance and leadership – both parental and the state
  • Immigration and the future: Is it really better elsewhere?
  • Identity: Are people their tribe, country, religion, continent first?
  • How do young people make up their identity?
  • Culture: What are your cultural influences?
  • How do you communicate to each other?
  • How important is social media?
  • Politics, representation and civic duty: do young people feel they can get their voiced heard and become leaders?


To join the conversation:

Click here at 5pm West African Time to open the ongoing conversation on Twitter. Feel free to respond to any of the questions posed by the co-hosts. Also volunteer questions, suggestions and comments on any subject matter of choice related to the overall theme. (Click here for time zone conversion)

Share the message: Tweet the line below to let the word out.

I’m joining today’s #youthengage tweetathon in West Africa at 5pm. Engaging young people means [insert your own definition]

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Everyone is invited!

The Co-Hosts:


Jama Jack:  She is a young feminist and human rights activist from The Gambia. She is the founder of the Linguere blog which addresses women’s issues using creative writing and through sharing real stories of women from various backgrounds and with different experiences. In 2012, she was named one of the top 25 Most Oustanding Emerging Young African Women Leaders by the Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa. Jama currently serves as Outreach Coordinator for Starfish International, a non-profit organisation established to promote girls’ education in The Gambia. She also volunteers with various other organisations, using her background in Communication Studies to contribute to these causes. Jama leverages on the power of social media to tell and share stories related to women’s empowerment, violence against women, rape and molestation, early marriage, Female Genital Mutilation etc. Her constant updates  help in drawing attention to these themes and have led to her being identified as one of the feminist voices in her community. Jama believes in equality for all.

Twitter @myzzdiamant

Profile and Profile Photo culled from FRIDA.


Blossom Nnodim: She is a new media strategist, Speaker, entrepreneur and an advocate for social good, working towards inspiring, connecting and empowering individuals, brands and businesses in Nigeria. She is a niche blogger with particular interest in Social Media, Social Good and Social Technology. She has recently founded Digital Media Development Initiative, an NGO that focuses on leveraging digital and new media tools for sustainable development. She has worked with Public and Private Organizations in various online campaigns. Her clients include One Campaign, Gates Foundation, Federal Ministry of Finance, Mashable, Population Council, Save the Children Nigeria, United Nations, UNICEF amongst others.

Twitter @blossomnnodim

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