Ahead of the 2nd Annual African Union High Level Dialogue on Constitutionalism and Rule of Law in Africa, @YIAGA and its partners facilitated a country-level youth consultation on Constitutionalism & Rule of Law in Africa. This held on the 31st of October on Facebook and 1st November, 2013 on Twitter.

It started with an announcement that kept folks at suspense:

Then the team at @YIAGA decided to unveil the bag of surprise:

Next was the unveiling of the Moderator:

Shortly afterwards, the partners joined in creating the much needed awareness to get young Nigerians to participate in the conversation. The partners are as follows: Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth & Advancement (YIAGA), Youth Hub Africa, Youth Alliance on Constitution & Electoral Reform (YACORE), (a social media for social good focused blog), and Know Your Constitution Initiative (@KYCInitiative) of the Constitutional Rights Awareness and Liberty Initiative – CRALI

I made an attempt to summarize the Facebook conversation as shown in the next tweets:

The Facebook conversation was moderately successful. In Nigeria however, twitter tends to be more successful in engagements and interactions.

The discussion focus for the Twitter conversation where in four parts as shown:

Then came a flurry of responses from Nigerian Youths. It is exciting to note that our Youth are becoming more involved in governance and policy issues. This trend can be said to have increased even as more young people become more aware of their roles as active citizens. Social Media has also played a great role in shaping this trend.

We will showcase three responses per discussion focus.

Responses to Discussion Focus #1:

Responses to Discussion Focus #2:

Responses to Discussion Focus #3:

Responses to Discussion Focus #4:

Oh! There was a trending moment:

In all, it was a healthy conversation.

Click here to read the entire #YouthConsultation conversation.