WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. Currently, WhatsApp Messenger is ONLY available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. Sadly, it is not available for use on either an iPad/iPod Touch or a Computer.

What if I tell you that in five easy steps, you can get WhatsApp Messenger running on an iPad/iPod, a Mac and a Windows PC and use it without any issues? The awesome thing is that you do not even need to jailbreak your iPad or iPod to get it running. Are you excited already?


Source: @WhatsApp (Twitter)

How to Download and use WhatsApp for a Mac and a Windows PC:


  1. A Mac or a Windows PC
  2. A mobile phone number
  3. Working Internet Connection

Step by step guide:

  • Step 1: Download Bluestacks and install it on your PC    ​​
Blue Stacks

Source: @bluestacksinc (Twitter)

To Download Bluestacks, click www.bluestacks.com and download the software for either  a mac or windows PC. Bluestacks is a software that can run the mobile android environment on a desktop environment. It allows you run your favorite mobile apps fast and fullscreen in your browser and on PC or Mac.

  • Step 2: Launch Bluestacks after installation and search for Whatsapp

Run the Bluestacks player from the desktop icon to open a layout of the android platform. Click on the Search icon and search for WhatsApp.

  • Step 3: Install W​​hatsapp and accept terms and conditions

You will be required to log in to your Google account at this point as you’ll be navigated to Google Play.

  • Step 4: Type your phone number and get the verification code

After you have completed downloading and installation, go to WhatsApp from the main home screen. WhatsApp will ask you to enter a valid phone number.

Note: First type your Country Code like 234 for Nigeria and then your Mobile Number

  • Step 5: Introduce the verification code to enjoy Whatsapp on your PC​​​​​​

WhatsApp will try to verify your number, but it will most likely show a fail message. Do not worry. Simply click on “Call Me” to receive a automatic call on your mobile phone. You will get a confirmation number. Ensure to write the number down. Next is for you to type the received number in verification field.

Last Notes:

You can now enjoy WhatsApp on your Mac or Windows PC same way you do it on a smartphone.


How to Download and use WhatsApp for iPad/iPod Touch:


  1. An iPad or iPod Touch
  2. A mobile phone number
  3. Working Internet Connection
  4. An iPhone and a computer to help transfer the data.

Step by step guide:

  • Step 1: Ensure that you already have Whatsapp running on your iPhone

If you do not, click www.whatsapp.com and downlaod directly on your iphone. You can equally download via Apple Store. When download is completed, activate with your mobile number to get started.

  • Step 2: Download iFunBox and install it on your Computer

Source: @ifunbox_dev (Twitter)

To Download iFunBox, click www.i-funbox.com and download the software for either  a mac or windows PC. iFunBox is App Installer and File Manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Step 3: Connect your iPhone to the Computer and run iFunBox

On connecting your iPhone, allow the drivers get installed. When this is done, iFunBox will automatically recognize your device and open it.

Note: You must have iTunes installed on your PC or Mac. Lol! I am sure you already know this.

  • Step 4a: Copy the WhatsApp.ipa file from the folder where iTunes stores the data to the desktop

On a Windows PC, you will find it here: C:UsersUsernameMy MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications

On a Mac, you will find it here: /Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/

  • Step 4b: copy the iPhone WhatsApp’s database to the desktop

Start iFunBox and since it has access to your device, simply copy the iPhone WhatsApp’s database to the desktop. You will find it here: connected devicesyour phone nameuser applicationsWhatsApp

Once you see this, you then select the folders ‘Documents’ and ‘Library’ and click the ‘Copy to PC’ button seen on the menu bar. These two folders should be copied to your desktop.

Subsequently, uninstall WhatsApp from your iPhone and ensure not to use the SIM card to activate WhatsApp again.

  • Step 5: Connect the iPad/iPod to the PC and run iFunBox

When you connect your iPad/iPod, run iFunBox and simply install WhatsApp to the iPad/iPod by clicking the ‘Install App’ button found in the menu bar.

Next stop is to retrieve the WhatsApp.ipa file and install it and then copy the database from your desktop to the iPad. Do the same thing to get to the WhatsApp folder. It can be found here: connected devicesyour iPad nameuser applicationsWhatsApp

You will have to now delete the folders ‘Documents’ and ‘Library’ and copy the earlier saved ones from your desktop to this location.

Last Notes:

You can now enjoy WhatsApp on your iPad/iPod same way you do it on a smartphone.