“From hashtags to hashflags… Twitter keeps setting the pace for Facebook.”


I woke up this morning to behold the newest kid on Twitter block. Twitter announced that GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) can now be shared and viewed on it’s iPhone, Android and web versions.

I had to try that out myself: (You need to click on the image to behold the waving effect)

Like other video contents, you will have to click the play button to watch animated Gifs on your Twitter Timeline.

It takes two simple steps to upload Gifs:

Step 1: Click the gallery button below your Twitter text box just as you would if you are uploading a photo.

Step 2: Subsequently, select the Gif file you wish to upload and hit “Tweet”

The future of #Hashflags:

The fun of the Brazil, 2014 World Cup was made complete with the introduction of #Hashflags by Twitter: (Sadly, this has not yet been optimized outside of Twitter platform)

Here is a typical Tweet that incorporated the #Hashflag feature:

The awesome thing about this new feature is that young people will in the process of enjoying football have an opportunity to learn more about National Flags of countries other than their own.

Kudos Twitter!!!

Update: Here is a Screenshot of the actual representation of a Hashflag…