A résume is a summary of your experiences and skills relevant to the field of work you desire to enter. It is a straight to the point document detailing your “bragging rights” and how such accomplishments can add value to a potential employer. It is worthy of note that it is not necessarily a biography of everything you have done.

The main difference between a résume and curriculum vitae lies in the length. A résume is brief and concise and at most, one paged with focus on your skills, experience and education. A curriculum vitae is much longer and portrays a more detailed description.

We are in the days of fast paced and quick social media influence. Brevity has become the soul of wit. How can one write a 160-character résume; a single statement summarising one’s experience and unique attributes?

This is particularly visible in crafting a Twitter biography. It is interesting to note that 160 characters are more than enough to make a point. The salient point to note is embracing the power of brevity. This ensures that there is no time for wasting words.

We will attempt to point out some great tips to craft a concise résume, mentioning your experience and skills on the social micro-blogging site, Twitter. This should be fun as I dare say that a Twitter “bio” is the new elevator pitch.

These tips will most likely guide you to write more about whom you are and the value you have to offer rather than focusing on other, completely inconsequential stuff. In short, you can consider calling it a social résume. Let us go right ahead.

Write about your interests

You may briefly state why you are on Twitter in the first place. Do not waste precious character space on a quote or something that has nothing to do with you or your brand. If you do not advertise yourself, no one will do that for you. Go straight to the point and let the world into your very person.

Get your priorities straight

You are a unique individual with loads of exciting attributes. The good news is that your twitter bio allows you a space to rave about these attributes. The not so good news is that you have limited character space and as such you just have to prioritise what it is you want to get across to your followers and potential employers.

Being a wonderful wife, a proud father of two and a candy addict might be large parts of who you are, but if you are using Twitter to promote your offline skills as a climate change expert, this might not have a place in your twitter bio.

Ensure to keep keywords in mind

Twitter is a search tool and as such when you include keywords in your bio, you stand a chance of being easily identified. Think about things that people would naturally search for when they wish to identify you. Including those keywords in your bio will make you easily identifiable. For instance, if you are a reality TV winner, you may wish to include this in your bio as folks already know you by this feat offline.

•Such generic statements like “I do not autofollow” and “Follow me for an immediate follow back” are as lame as they sound: There are more important things you would love to share about your brand that can appeal to your prospects. There is no need to sound like an arrogant super star by informing the world that you do not follow back. On the other hand, you do not need to sound pathetic by informing all that you are just on twitter for a follow for follow marathon. This can easily put people off as they may put you in a box filled with either superiority or inferiority complex wrapped cookie.

•The major lame bio inclusion for me is the phrase “My Retweets are not endorsements” and I am certain that some other folks feel same way: For real? You aim to make salient connections with potential employers and you are already informing them that your Retweets are not an endorsement of any form for them. I would suggest that this is skipped entirely as it ends up taking 32-Characters from your already cramped 160-character limit.

If you have ever come across my twitter bio via @blcompere, it reads as follows:

“Author| Blogger| Compère| Passionately using Social Media for Social Good| Share of the Federal Government of Nigeria| Founder.”

If you study the above, you will see a deliberate attempt to quickly inform the reader about the three professions that I am currently involved in. It went further to highlight why I am on social media which is basically to offer social good related service. Lastly, there was a subtle attempt to inform folks of some other projects that are positively aligned to the parent brand being @blcompere.

In less than 160-characters, the above was achieved and I dare say that you too can achieve same. Just take a moment to think and consequently act in line with your best thoughts. Once more, brevity is the soul of wit. I wish you extreme success.