I woke up yesterday morning with great excitement. It had everything to do with attending the birthday thanksgiving for my boss and the after-party. I had carefully planned to tie this superb two-piece wrapper that my mum gave me several years ago. I was ready to serve in the function and best of all, take photos to show off my shimmering smile.
At about 10am, I needed to run a quick errand and had to take a drive. Alas, my car wouldn’t start. I quickly called on Monday, who doubles as our security man and all round go-to guy. He got a few cables together, uncoupled the electric generator battery and in a few seconds, jump started the car battery. I was free to go but he asked that I take the car to the auto technician for battery servicing.
Blossom Landscape

Fast forward to about 3pm. The thanksgiving was superb and I did all I set out to do and on the way home, made a detour to the auto technician. As I got into the mechanic workshop, I was directed to Abubakar, the one and only ‘battery charger’ in the vicinity. He was all smiles and some more. In a few minutes, he had uncoupled the car battery and readied it for charging. As the black box stood charging in the corner, Abubakar came with yet another dazzling smile and asked me to make a choice between a drink of Coke and Sprite. I was quite surprised as I did not see that coming. I asked if I had to pay for it and he expressly said no. He then dragged out a crate of soft drinks and promptly offered one to me. On further observation, I realized that this was customary for him as he offers drinks to all his customers. Now, that is great customer service. Abu is a road side technician by all indications and he basically had no reason to go the extra mile in retaining his clients as he is the only service provider in the vicinity.
I left afterwards with a resolve to improve on my attitude to people. Abu fixed my car battery but beyond that, taught me a very important lesson about customer service.
God bless you Abu.
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