My name is Roseblossom but I am aware that there are several Roses in the world and very few Blossoms. Guess why I have chosen to answer only Blossom? I am different and refuse to be among the several. I am me and will rather be among the few.

I have great news for you. You have the capacity to think beyond and outside the box caging your thoughts. You are not limited to the value system or lack of it that society foists on you while focusing on your background. You should not live your life trying to fulfil the expectations of others concerning you. You are the only one that can define you. You know you better than anyone can think or imagine. Always be you as every other person has been taken. Never allow anyone to fit you into a box of their imagination. As a matter of fact, thinking outside the box is overrated. Construct your own boxes and think outside them if you must. Best of all, smash down all boxes and think outside circles as it revolves and will enable you to learn, unlearn and relearn at a rapid rate.

Quick tips on how to think outside the box:

  • You are not a failure because someone said that you are one. You are not a failure until you believe that you are one. Don’t believe it!
  • The only reason you are currently cool with some folks is that you’ve not started thinking for yourself. The group-think stifles. Breakout!
  • It is difficult to break away from the group-think. But you can consciously do it. Once you can do that, you’ve crossed the first mile in the race to serenity.

Do not be afraid of going beyond societal expectations. Do not be afraid of going outside of it entirely; as long as you know the truth, you should not mind standing alone for it even if you have to fight off a lot of opposition. Doing this has so much to do with conviction. If you believe in something, go forward and stand for it and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by naysayers.
Be the authentic you that will be proud looking back at your yesterday. Above all, trust God to watch your back all the way.

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