The 8th day of March is globally celebrated as the International Women’s Day. This is a significant day where issues that are directly impacting on women are brought to the limelight. One pertinent issue that is of extreme importance is the involvement of young women in technology. Technology is the use of our knowledge, tools, and skills to solve practical problems, and to extend human capabilities.

womenA woman is not just a female human but also an extraordinary individual with a unique story to tell. What better way to share and tell these unique story other than effortlessly utilizing the platform created by technology. Knowing how young women view technology will provide insights into how to better encourage them to utilize the ready platform that Technology offers. In recent times, it will not be strange to find women with little or no interest in technology.

This can be looped on four basic factors that are not just peculiar to Nigerian women but can also exist globally. These factors are as follows:


This is the process of acquiring, interpreting, selecting, and organizing sensory information. The field of technology is stereotypically thought by to women to be intimidating because it is largely male dominated. Women may generally believe they have less than adequate skills in comparison to their male counterparts. This perception has continuously been handed down from generation to generation.


The belief that one has the capabilities to execute the courses of actions required to manage prospective situations. This relates to a person’s perception of their ability to reach a goal. In furtherance to the earlier barrier caused by having an assumed perception, Women may quickly conclude that they are limited or have no capacity to swim in the ocean of technology. As such, the zeal and interest to move from thinking to action is abruptly shut down.


A woman’s subjective appraisal of herself as intrinsically positive or negative to some degree. It is worthy of note that most women who had overcome the dilemma presented with balancing the work front and home front may have done this at some personal sacrifice. To make impact in the field of technology, there must be a willingness to embrace a positive self-esteem.

Perceived Social Support:

The perception and actuality that one is cared for, has assistance available from other people and that on is part of a supportive social network. Social support can take various forms. Peers, family, counselors, and teachers are all examples of social supports. Social support can be measured in actual support given, and in perceived availability of support. Sadly, an average Nigerian woman may quickly assume that technology being a male dominated field may not be the best place to make impact.

Way Forward:

Technological advancements can be hugely obtained if the best and brightest of our human capacity, which includes women gladly, participate. The involvement of women has therefore become a powerful issue of innovation, competitiveness, and workforce sustainability. Our continued absence in the field of technology can only be measured in technology not created, problems not solved, and jobs not filled.