As we celebrate a teacher and realize that religion is overrated

by | Oct 4, 2014 | Learning Zone

Our supposed differences based on Religion:

The endless narrative that has refused to give way to truth. They say we are different because we have religion as a divisor.

Our supposed differences based on Tribe:

They insist that we are not the same based on tribe. Somalia is a perfect example that unity of tribe is not a factor for peace. The Somalis make up 85% of Somalia and yet peace is still elusive.

The Currency called Youth:

“Despite the undeniable humongous potential of today’s Nigeria youth, the youths are largely individual champions traveling narrow paths in a very large terrain.” ~ Lai Labode.

Sir Rasaq to the rescue:

I got expelled from Federal Government Girls’ College, Owerri in 1995. That was a sad era in my life but looking back, I am thankful that it happened.

Fast forward to months later, I got admitted to Premier Secondary School, Owerri and life continued with a whole new twist to it.

Prior to my expulsion, I could not tell the time. Guess who made a Distinction in Mathematics two years later? Sir Rasaq inspired this feat.

Religion did not play a role: He is a Muslim and I am a Christian.

Tribe did not play a role: He is a Yoruba man and I am Igbo.

Youth Currency: He was a Youth Corper that took the responsibility of teaching Mathematics to me and several others in my class. There were older subject teachers prior to him taking the baton. He clearly was miles ahead of them in terms of knowledge transfer.

Why do I celebrate Sir Rasaq?

Sir Rasaq ensured that all his students passed Mathematics in SSCE. He was not a trained teacher but simply a Youth Corper with a passion to inspire and enact results

Sir Rasaq went to the school board and insisted that all Science students MUST take his two subjects Further Mathematics and Mathematics. His reason was simple. It will help them when they enter the tertiary institution. His insistence paid off. Year One and Two was a breeze for me when the time came

Sir Rasaq was a disciplinarian. The beginning of wisdom was certainly one forgetting to turn in an assignment at the appropriate time. His strokes of cane will effortlessly rewind the most recalcitrant head

Sir Rasaq had SWAG… Lol! He was a neat dresser that made everyone desire to go to the University and turn out like him. He was an inspiration and he walked his talk


I do not know where Sir Rasaq is now but looking back, I am certainly thankful that I got expelled and had the opportunity to meet him. Thank you Sir.


This post is dedicated to all 97 Set Students of Premier Secondary School, Owerri.

In a related news, I made straight A’s in my SSCE.

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