Unemployment is on an all-time high in Nigeria. Now, that is not perplexing, yet. It becomes perplexing when creativity becomes extinct. The good news is that our creative force as a people can forcibly reduce the blistering effect of unemployment.

So there’re no jobs?

Now that is a rhetorical question as the answer is known even to a toddler. To let the fact that creativity can come to the rescue, to sink in, I will ask some more questions.

  • Can you speak your local language?
  • Can you speak Igbo/Hausa/Yoruba Language?
  • Do you live in a city with Igbo/Hausa/Yoruba families with children that cannot utter a word in Igbo/Hausa/Yoruba?
  • Do you frequently hear such conversations like, “Junior can understand but he is yet to start speaking Igbo/Hausa/Yoruba” and you grimace within you?

If your answer to some or all of the questions above is a resounding yes, I have one more question to ask you.

  • Are you still jobless?

What you can do differently:

Wake up and perceive the aroma of the coffee. Hurry to a bookshop and buy Igbo/Hausa/Yoruba Language Books and get yourself a job. Start from your comfort zone. Make a list of your favourite Aunties and Uncles. Make a list of the parents in your place of worship. Approach them and offer to coach/tutor their children and wards to communicate effectively in their local language. The great thing is that referrals work perfectly in this scenario. A satisfied parent will spread the word and before you know it, job offers are flowing in. Take it a notch further; organize young people to work with you as a team and collect agreed percentages from them for acting as the link between them and prospective parents. Enough of wearing suit and tie and roaming about aimlessly searching for the elusive job. Enough of posting your frustrations at the growing rate of unemployment, on social media.

Get out there and start teaching. It is possible. Give up on excuses. start something and start it now.

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