The beginning:

It all started with a move to voice out his thoughts on the conduct of the Osun Gubernatorial elections. Sam Nda-Isaiah did this, the “world” listened, a conversation began and as usual with most online conversations, it quickly moved to more intimate details.

What exactly did Sam Nda-Isaiah do?

  • He posted a series of tweets on what he believes to be state-sponsored terrorism as regards the Osun Elections:

  He did not beat around the bush as he had a subject in mind and did not disguise his thoughts in any way.

Sam N I

What was the Social Media (Read as Twitter) Reaction?

There followed a frenzy of conversation with one divide agreeing with him and another divide vehemently disagreeing with him. A particular individual started the dissenting conversation with a direct response to the issues raised.

This did not last long as all of a sudden there came a hashtag #SamPayYourWorkers: Word got out that the staff of Leadership Newspaper, founded by Sam Nda-Isaiah were being owed salaries for the past four months. This garnered so much momentum as shown in the tweets below:

The above tweet was the first mention of the hashtag before the rain started:

It got so much that he responded on Facebook:

Are there Lessons to learn?

A plethora of lessons can be deducted from the entire proceedings.

  1. He who comes into equity must come with clean hands: Everyone has skeletons in their wardrobes. It is easy to see the tiny wrong in your neighbors lawn than to see the humongous debris in your own lawn.
  2. There are always two sides to every story. Conclusions are largely based on perspectives. The indices you use might never be the same as that used by another.
  3. Social Media is increasingly making it easy to track good governance, from the individual to the government.
  4. Lead yourself. Lead your family. Lead your organization. Lead the nation.
  5. #QwertyThuggery is real. All it takes is for one individual to sniff out the dent in another and most importantly, for the same individual to have access to technology and internet.
  6. Public Relations is fundamental. You do not wish away the negative perception about you or your brand. Get in there and tell your own story.
  7. Money paid to workers isn’t a gift. It is something they earn by working. (Romans 4:4)


It seems that  payment of the salary arrears of the staff of Leadership Newspaper, has commenced. The tweet below indicates this.

(Sam Nda-Isaiah is the founder of Leadership Newspapers Group and currently a Nigerian presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Read more about him here