Each new day, there is a great probability that you will hear the word recession in Nigeria. My teenage son and my daughter recently shared their knowledge of the word and I was amazed at the clarity of their thoughts. It has become the new catch phrase in Nigeria.

Recession and so what? What can you do about this trend and how can you surmount it? Trusting God every step of the way is my value proposition.

In Genesis 26:12-14, we are shown the beauty that comes with sowing with an assurance that God has your back. You will reap much more. Consequently, you will become wealthy. Your influence will continue to grow until you become very prominent. Is there a cost to this point? Absolutely! Envy and jealousy will come knocking. This is not the time to be fazed. It is a time to improve your thanksgiving game.

The thing about Isaac’s increase is that he was available for God to work with. This made him unstoppable as he had divine default settings. You can become a phenomenal story. You can surpass the results that Isaac obtained. How? Today is a great day. Speak it! Believe it! Live it!

Welcome to a new month.

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