Social Media Conversations: Nigerians share their thoughts on Cunnilingus and Fellatio…


Warning: This post is Rated 18+

This week on Social Media Conversations, we will focus on a topic that most Nigerians will rather wish to ignore even though it is pertinent. This is not because they would rather not talk about it but because our society is hugely driven by an outward appearance of righteousness. It was not even easy for me to decide to broach the dual topics of Cunnilingus and Fellatio but after a while I gave up the hesitance and here we are. It started as a random post on Twitter and Facebook.

What followed next can be classified in three forms:

  1. How dare you post this kind of thing
  2. I am shy, I have no comments
  3. Thanks for posting, it is about time we handled this once and for all

Funny enough, just few folks answered the question as the focus was now on the acceptability of the acts…

How dare you Post this Kind of thing:

“Nwanne ikwurele onu… Biko nwayo” ~ Obinna Durueke (via Facebook)

(Igbo meaning, My sister your moth is rotten, please take it easy)

“Is this the best forum for such discussion?” ~ @emeka_raymond

I have no comments:

“This one pass my age grade. Let mature people answer.” ~ Emeka Nobis (via Facebook)

Thanks for posting, it is about time we handled this once and for all:

This is where the action finally begun. There were those for and those against. Let us go straight into the journey.

The Nays have it:

“This is because some women are dirty and smelling. full of disease. and many others.” ~ Azubuike Julius King

“To me, Not medically prove; It is not Hygienic. Though am not married but if I get married and my wife needs it and she is neat, I will give it to her, just to make her happy but I personally hate that act. Sorry ladies if I disappoint.” ~ Agafenam Chi

“But why this topic Blossom. So many things are involved like throat cancer. I witnessed my guy suffer by not being able to swallow spit. It was the grace of God that saved him. I will not follow in that game…” ~ Nwaokoro Victor

“Abhor what is evil, cleave to that which is good (bible verse}. That act should be abhorred…” ~ Awokunle Abiodun Simon

“Haha Blossom! Award winning question. Very simple. The woman’s thing is dirty, so I can’t give any woman cunnilingus in as much as I enjoy fellatio.” ~ Ikechukwu Sampson Onyiriuka

“Well, I hear cunninlingus causes throat cancer. Not sure how true that is.” ~ @TonyAtambi

“What about the danger of accidental or intentional bite? The same mucous membrane line both the mouth, anus and the introitus/vagina.” ~ @apotson4real

Enough of all the nay sayer, let us delve into the real heroes of the day, the Ayes:

“Going down on a woman is the height of loyalty to her…” ~ @Barrchuma

“Deep question. Both acts are pleasurable than eating Nkwobi. And I think both sexes enjoy nkwobi.” ~ Georges Akor

“Depending on how much the man loves and respect the woman, if a man loves and respect his woman even if she’s not so clean he’ll help her clean and give her breathtaking, satisfying Cunnilingus.” ~ Josh Arthur Adeshina-Adefenwa

“Funny I was discussing this issue with a friend two days ago. Thing is most guys are scared of trying new things, however, what makes sex exciting is trying out new stuff and being creative. SEX IS AN ART. Above all, the goal of a lover should be the pleasure of the partner, the satisfaction of a partner should lie in the satisfaction of the other partner even if it requires GIVING A HEAD!” ~ Donatus Omenukor

“I’m a female condom champion-at-large. I must confess that there’s a lot of sexual and reproductive health naivety amongst Nigerians. For some, it’s hypocrisy. If more people don’t talk about it, the status quo will never change and less and less women will ever know what a glorious orgasm mean.” ~ Kolo Kenneth Kadiri

“See aggression over oral sex. Is it that serious? Let’s be factual about it. I’m not sure this is true because oral sex is not a unilateral decision to be made by the guy. The lady has to give her vote. I don’t think I will vote in favor of something I won’t get in return. The answer is therefore a question to the women in such dilemma – why did u agree to fellatio in the first place?” ~ Paul Adepoju

“Most of the comments on this subject are hypocritical. Of a truth, most of them do it. Whoever is calling it a sin should go and read his/her Bible well about what it says on marriage. Some even did this week. Please if you can’t practice what you preach, stop preaching and SHUT UP!” ~ Okezie Archangel Owen

“I wonder why some persons won’t stay out of some sensitive subjects when they are brought up for discourse especially in a social media forum. They see and discuss every subject as though it is their family gathering. Much as I detest cigarette smoking and the dangers it portends to the health; I do not criticize, hate or condemn smokers because there is no place in the bible that forbids it. Smoking as well as other habits or practices including fellatio is a function of choice. The later when practiced within the confines of a marriage is most tenable and acceptable as well. Sex or loving making, which ever one prefers to call it should be practiced without boundaries or any kind of inhibitions especially in a marriage. The reason most marriages shake or have fallen apart is 70% sex-based. If one decides to indulge solely for procreation so be it but to come and tell “US” to keep away from breast cos its considered solely a mammary gland for weaning or fellatio cos its dirty and ungodly is the height of fallacy and must be vehemently condemned. My wife was not forced on me. I wooed and married her, took and still see her as my lovely wedded wife, to cherish her in all fronts including giving it to her when, how and where she wants it without causing any disturbance to our immediate environment. Enough of all these pretences please!!!” ~ Onyekachi Aguocha

Closing Notes:

“Reading all the comments just made my night so I am skiping dinner but before I starve myself, let me get to the crux of the matter. My profession has exposed me to marital problems and counseling, infertility issues and sexual dissatisfaction et al. I have also seen many marriages break from sexual dissatisfaction especially when the marriage has reached a decade because it is not easy to sleep with only one person for that long without you seeing the person as a brother or sister or loosing sexual interests. New sexual innovations and different sex styles and a lot more behind curtain scenes makes the sex life survive. Without further ado, what I have been trying to say is that if your partner needs fellatio or cunnilingus, my friend give it to the person to avoid broken homes, extra marital affairs and all worth not. I rest my case.” ~ Ojiegbe Somto

“The thing is that many won’t like what others like. That does not make it evil. I know a lot of men who do and they have never gotten throat cancers. I used to abhor it when I was single but when I got married and tried it, I enjoyed it. Now it’s a delicacy. However, if your partner understands that you don’t really like it, it should not be forced. It should be mutual understanding. Most religious folks just assume certain things are evil, like a pastor telling me at a seminar that “doggy style” and “woman-on-top” were devilish. Also he said that missionary was the acceptable position ordained by God. I feel he had his own version of the Scriptures to substantiate this. Of course, I would not have let him know I did cunnilingus. I left the seminar knowing what best to do for me and my wife. The thing is, we should communicate with our spouses with the intent of giving them pleasure and receiving back in return. The issue of feeling she should or he should accept yours and not ask in return is, in my opinion, selfish.” ~ Emeka Nobis

What a journey. Let me conclude by sharing the tweets below:

It is a wrap! Lend your voice to the conversation via the comment box. By all means, feel free to agree, disagree and re-agree.