Mr. @BankyW released a single titled Setting P.

What do you think informed his choice of song title?

When the focus for this week’s #TweetSpeak was announced, there was a instant air of acceptance that can be summed up in any of theses three questions viz; “What the heck?” “Are you for real” and “Abeg, comot”

Most of these came as #Subs but a few courageous folks showed true excitement at the conversation.

Then the open house announcement finally came:

Being an open house, questions were asked and the responses gotten where awesome and rib cracking as well.

Question 1:

There was a Smart Alec in the house, Lol:

He still gave a succinct answer:

Question 2:

Question 3:

The feedback was not convincing. Apparently no one had a clue.

Question 4:

She truly needed an answer:

Question 5:

Question 6:

We assumed that the copied tweep is a proficient P-Setting strategist:

Interesting fact about P-Setting:

For further studies on the concept of P-Setting: