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I recently lent my voice to be part of the ongoing #OneBiggerBetter Twitter conversation unleashed by Heritage Bank Ltd. This is not the regular and random white noise that pervades social media and has little to add value wise. This is beyond tweeting away boredom and clicking aimlessly into space. This goes way deeper that the surface.

What Has Poetry Got To Do With It?

What harm would a little poetry do to an already exciting conversation thread? I figured out early that it will do absolutely zero harm and decided to run with it.

In the above tweet, I made an impromptu announcement asking folks to tweet in 120-characters, what they understand by#OneBiggerBetter. The responses were massive and exciting at the same time.

Here Are The Winners:

Not one to beat my chest on my prowess in poetry, I quickly called on Nwachukwu Egbunike who is an acclaimed Poet to do the honors. Thankfully, he obliged.

Three winners emerged out of all the submissions:

Much Ado About A #OneBetterBank Bank:

Heritage Bank 3

Few months ago, Heritage Bank and Enterprise Bank commenced a process of business integration to become Heritage Bank Limited. The integration of Heritage Bank and Enterprise Bank is believed to have brought about a bigger, better and stronger banking institution.

This will invariably usher in innovative products, bespoke technology and an expanded branch network with a strategic stride ultimately aimed at serving customers, better. More branches, products and reach are to be expected. In summary, the fusion will move the brand from a regional player to a national player.

Embracing A#OneBetterBank Experience:

Click www.hbng.com/integration-faq to get more answers and even more answers.

Let us just cut to the chase… Ready! Set! #OneBiggerBetter!

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