I met Ojay about two years ago at an #AdoptATweep session and what struck me about him was his infectious excitement about life. He has a unique way of seeing things and an equally unique way of communicating his ideas and thoughts.

L to R: Ojay and Blossom

L to R: Ojay and Blossom

It took a while to fully understand what this unique attribute that Ojay has, truly is and here is he breaking it down in his own words. I present to you 40 fail proof facts that can assist in the journey to be an O. J. (In his own words… Lol!)

Regular lifestyle is tiring, reckless living is dangerous. O.J tries to strike a balance, and this is how to be O. J.


  1. Real respect starts from within, disrespect yourself and others will follow
  2. No tattoos, it doesn’t add any value to your body, and you will forever regret it
  3. Date ladies above 30, no drama because they know better
  4. Arrange your socks and ties in a separate drawer
  5. When you’re with a lady, please don’t bring out your phone
  6. Read at least 2 Nigerian Newspapers daily
  7. Become a millionaire before 30
  8. Always carry cash, ATM cards may fail you
  9. Be thankful for your present status, some people are far below
  10. One girlfriend at a time. This is absolutely okay
  11. Twit-fighting is a no no. Instead, carefully explain why the other person is a complete idiot
  12. Trust nobody, besides your mother
  13. Always look good, it will help you get away with a lot of things
  14. An ex is an ex, no excuses
  15. Stop saying you don’t care; people don’t care if you don’t care
  16. Those girls by the roadside at nights are not for you
  17. Read Read Read Read! Read any piece of paper you can lay your hands on. People will pay to have you share things you read for free
  18. Open a bank account for each of your children, pay N1, 000 weekly and watch your kids grow up to become Millionaires
  19. The battles against women are won losing, so don’t bother
  20. Always keep your social media platforms as clean as possible, as unimportant as you think you are, some people are watching you… may be your employer or prospective employer
  21. It’s not compulsory to always hang out with friends. Sometimes, give yourself a solo treat
  22. You must own a body spray, powder, perfumes, expensive sun-glasses and wristwatches. Women will call you ‘vain’, but so are they, and will love you for it
  23. Do not join political caucus on Twitter or even online, if you must, start from offline
  24. Change your Church if the main Pastor cannot recognize you outside of Church
  25. When you go out with her, do NOT split the check
  26. Gorgeous-looking women who are unaccompanied want you to talk to them
  27. Do not have an affair with your colleague at work, when you break up, you’d wish you never worked at the establishment
  28. The day your social media connections and followers know the tweep (for Twitter) you’re in a relationship with, it’s a downhill from there
  29. Always Stay Sharp and be Spontaneous
  30. You’re not allowed to pick Chloe’s Cupcake (Abuja) over Wine Shop
  31. Always bring a bottle to the party.
  32. She will say she has forgiven you but she’s going to remind you every day that she has forgiven you, better prepare your `comeback’
  33. Don’t just attend church services, join a service group in Church
  34. There is absolute no fun, whatsoever, in getting drunk
  35. Always pay your Tithes
  36. Have you ever thanked the people who made a difference in your life? Those who stuck by you through thick and thin? You should, it’s worth it
  37. Calling people out on their BS should be your super power
  38. Once you lose your temper, you’ve lost the argument
  39. When people don’t invite you to an event, don’t go. Sometimes, even when they invite you, don’t go
  40. Your clothes don`t match, they go together.

Now, who wants to be O. J.?

(Adeyemi Opeyemi, whom many of his friends in Nigeria call “Ojay”, is a crazy consultant, a Project Management Professional with a passion for Branding and Communication. Whenever you see the hashtag, #PollingFriday, be certain that he is to blame. He tweets via @OjaySays and infrequently shares his thoughts at www.ojaysays.wordpress.com)

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