The first time I heard about Datawrapper, I had no clue to what it is and its functionality. I quickly asked Google and my curiosity paid off.

Datawrapper is an open source tool to enable the creation of basic, correct charts for the web. Anyone in need of a modern chart can use this tool.

Recently, the nomination madalities for the Nigerian National Conference was announced. I figured out that I could use Datawrapper to display this in an easy to view, no complicated manner. I thank Mirko Lorenz, the Idea and executive project manager of Datawrapper. I had a challenge in embeding on my blog post and he came to my rescue via the tweet below:

“If that is WordPress behind your blog, you need to embed the code in the “text only editor”, not the visual editor.” ~ @mirkolorenz

Here is the final output. Hope you enjoy.