There is something about Twitter that makes folks hunger for recognition. It is quite funny but the truth remains that often time, folks will rather connect with you if they believe that your replies to their incessant tweets at you or your retweet will make a difference in their twitter life. Now, this is debatable as the reply or retweet will not necessarily add to your return on investment naira wise.

What can be said to be the actual reason for the whole clamor? I guess it could just be that we all love the celebrity effect. Nigeria is a peculiar nation where most folks believe that if no one is paying the bills for him or her, then no one has any right to tel them what to do, think and tweet. Thankfully, this post is aimed at giving folks that independence they crave and as such endorse their “I do not give a damn” attitude.

You may wish to open another browser at this point and straight forwardly put some of the tips here into action. While you are at it, feel free to tweet at @blcompere for clarifications and even arguments if you feel the tips here are not worth the effort.

  • Fill out your Twitter bio.
  • Use a photo of YOU or a brand that you can be identified with, as your avatar.
  • Do not protect your tweets. If you MUST, then a public network isn’t the best place to hang out.
  • When you follow folks, do not ask for a follow back. This can be really debatable but I believe that asking for follow backs makes you seem desperate.
  • Unfollow smartly using @ManageFlitter services. They are really good!
  • Ensure to #Gbagaun (A Nigerian slang that is used to taunt someone who made a grammatical error; written or spoken) on purpose once in a while. It could get you your first trend!
  • If you want to get retweeted, leave enough space.
  • If you want to get a real life celebrity to follow you, simply feed their ego with honest excitement.
  • Do not follow twitter users with no avatar. They are certainly not there to acknowledge your presence.
  • Do not gate crash into a conversation. It is best practice to view the entire conversation and then make inputs.
  • It seems better when you Retweet the original tweet poster. Retweeting from a Retweet seems rude.
  • What’s buzzing on Twitter right now? Find out from trends and hash-tags.
  • You always have a choice on how you behave and react to other twitter users.
  • Learn to KISS. Find simple words to convey your thoughts on the rest. Brevity is and will always remain the soul of wit.
  • Ask Google before asking that question on twitter. You could save yourself from the response of rude users.

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