We are in a hugely connected world that is made more visible due to the impact of technology and access to internet. I have known Gerald Konwea for a while thanks to the coolness of Social Media. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that we had mutual acquaintances that had absolutely no bearing with Social Media. Fast forward to today, it is my pleasure to help you unravel the clique and the refreshing brilliance of mycliqit.com, a start-up founded by Gerald Konwea.

GeraldMeet the man behind www.mycliqit.com and journey into the world of his start-up through his own lens:

My name is Gerald Konwea and I am the man behind CLIQIT’s mycliqit.com. I won’t boast about being the first or last indigenous classifieds site in Nigeria, I only have a site that minds your business.

The idea behind mycliqit.com had been in my head since I was a teen but making it a reality started when I incorporated in March of 2012 while I was still trying to get a masters degree from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania in the United States. At the time, the present e-commerce giants were gearing up for their launch and so the urgency to start, set in. While I was in the United States, I realized I could do a lot on craigslist.org finding everyday items in my neighborhood. I decided it was time to birth my idea in Nigeria but using an elaborate design with more pictures than text in comparison to craigslist. This is because I learned that in the information age, which we now find ourselves, pictures quickly inform our consuming decisions with better efficiency (time). Reality came in March of 2013 when we started operations with a hybrid site.


All you need to know about mycliqit.com:

mycliqit.com is an indigenous classifieds network that helps users advertise their goods and services conveniently – from every day new/used items to not so everyday services. Users can advertise free of charge on our platform. The site is built with an elaborate functionality and design plan. mycliqit.com has categories for shopping, events, jobs, property listings, business listings (directory), music and blogging.

  • There are packages for businesses that sell a particular good/service where they can own online stores that catalogue every of their products so that they can use their links to showcase all their products at a time to friends on BBM, Facebook, Twitter etc. they can also manage their catalogue themselves from their phones or PC’s.
  • Store link owners also get a lot of free/discounted basic publicity on all our platforms and that of our partners.
  • Users can post their job listings and get applications sent to them directly. They can view resumes on the site and can contact job seekers directly. Seekers can apply to jobs and set job reminders.
  • Users can post events and set downloadable tickets for their attendees.
  • Artistes – especially upcoming artistes can post their music on the site and even have their tracks catalogued in an album.
  • Bloggers can send us their stories for publishing in our blog to grow their already existing fan base.
  • Users can also feature their items to users.


The apps for the site will be launched soon and bet you, its something everyone should anticipate – it is revolutionary.

Website: mycliqit.com

Twitter: @myCliqit

Instagram: @myCliqit

Facebook: myCliqit


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