Wednesday 16, December, 2015 was not a regular day by any standards. I had the opportunity to network, wine and dine with 50+ Bloggers in Abuja, Nigeria. This was at the third edition of the Bloggers Party, a project of the very enterprising Jennifer Chisom. It was made possible by the kind support of Sandralia Hotel, Leadership Newspaper, Career Intelligence, Vogue Pay etc. It was not simply an opportunity to hang out and have fun as several awards were presented to deserving bloggers in various categories. Tatafo Naija curated by my big brother, Belema Hart, was named the Blog of the Year. Abuja Facts got the Best Abuja Niche Blog. Abuja Events and Places, curated by the amazingly brilliant Jecinta Keshy, was awarded for Most Improved Abuja Blog. Simon Ateba got the coveted Blogger of the Year Award and Apolmida Haruna Tsammani was named as the Best Blogger-community Supporter. I was quite pleasantly surprised to be named as the curator of the Best Advocacy Blog. 🙂

Here are some Photo memories:

Blossom BP

No way will I step out of the house without my smile. We go a long way and we have been through a whole lot, together.

Chisom BP

I have known Jennifer Chisom since I moved to Abuja, Nigeria in 2008. One thing stands out for me when I have an opportunity to talk about her. That is her determination. Her tenacity of purpose spiced with her screamingly fabulous friendliness is super desirable. She is an enterprise blogger of solid repute and I totally recommend her wide array of enterprise services to you.

Cynthia BP

The compère for the evening was Cynthia Anaele, a trained physicist passionate about grooming Nigerians to use social media tools and platforms to empower themselves as new age digital entrepreneurs.

Chisom, Semiye, Cynthia BP

Semiye Michael flanked by the ladies. He is one inspiring individual that diligently works to provide quality education and portable water to under-served communities in the Federal Capital Territory through his non-profit organization, DEAN Initiative. He is visibly one of the leading Nigerian voices that are currently working to create formidable awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The highlight of the event was a brief tour of the hotel led by Gabriel who was on duty as the Night Operations Manager.

Tour BP

The bloggers toured the Sandralia Hotel grounds and facilities which boasts of recreational delights, event halls, various remarkable cuisines. In the course of the tour I interviewed some of the hotel staff and they had delightful things to say about their job and the services provided by Sandralia management. Queen who works to ensure that the accounting books of the hotel is properly kept and financial leakages are plugged, gushed that she will certainly work with her organization even if she was not paid to do so. This highlights the job satisfaction she obviously gets from giving her best to work for and with Sandralia. Vivian, the shy but enterprising chef was quite excited to share her creative side while encouraging patrons to visit the restaurant and enjoy the wide array of dishes available. She has been a chef for about five years and will certainly not trade job roles for anything. The duo John and Linus held sway as the security officers on duty. They seemed so suited for each other in terms of collaborating to ensure that the safety of their clients are assured. You can connect with Sandralia Hotels by clicking on the Social Media icons shown below:

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You can read all about what went down, up and sideways from the official event website here.

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