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Who run the world? #Girls

Who run the Girls? #Dudes

Who run the Dudes? #Girls

A lame attempt at poetry… Hehehehe!


The three pot bellied men sat comfortably as they nursed their drinks amidst so much suspense as their favorite team is yet to score in a very crucial Football game. One would have thought that their consternation had more to it than a mere football cracker.

Suddenly, she sashays down the hotel lobby. All the curves are positioned to perfection. Her face is dreamy. The fragrance of her perfume is cupid endorsed. The walk is catlike. She seats elegantly in the next Sofa to the three Broda’s and calmly brandishes her Blackberry phone. Lost in the world of her BBM chat, she is pleasantly unaware of what her presence has done to the three pot bellied, heavily married men seated awestruck by her side.

This is the everyday experience that most husbands face in the heat of the day and in the breeze of the night. They daily collide with the pure awesomeness of Sista’s that takes the extra step to revel in vanity.

Now this may sound like a broken record but I will still go ahead to ask… Men, why not tell your wife/fiance/girlfriend what you want? What benefit will it accrue to keep wishing that she would just shed some weight, say no to the candies and just apply deodorant when you can simply tell her what you think.

I will not sound so self righteous and pretend that all Sista’s will calmly accept your suggestions. I totally agree that some Sista’s might take a simple request to be demeaning of their person. I also totally know that often time, a soft answer (suggestion/question in this case) can soften the hardest of mindsets.

Why do you keep loading her with all those sugar laden edibles when you truly know that the end result will not be appreciated by your eye and may as well affect your libido? How soon do you assume that those stolen moments are now irrelevant. Before those lovely children came on board, you actually had a dramatic and exciting sexual life. Alas! Junior now sleeps in the same bed as the both of you. Have you finally changed her name from ‘honey’ to Mama Junior? Have you decided finally that the awesome Gym moments you both had are no longer important?

I will go easy for a brief moment and ask the ladies some questions which I will recommend that every guy reading this should ask also.

  • What do you love about yourself?
  • What do you think is the most important thing that your partner admires about you?

You will find out that the above questions will have similar answers. My point here is that if you can just ask albeit nicely that your lady should fulfill some intimate dreams that you have, you may just find out that they are strengths that are already in her waiting to be exhaled.

Men are special species that every lady may pretend not to need, but the truth is that the pretence may not be forever. I call on all the men today that desire to have amazing relationships to please talk from today. Please talk and release the heart ache that comes with wishing endlessly.

You have the mouth. Use it today.

Take charge!

Photo Credits: awesome.com