Social Media for Social Good:

Today, Monday 18 August, 2014, Millennium Development Goals supporters and partners around #Nigeria will be advocating for improved Maternal Health in Africa via a Twitter chat. It will be a communications surge of over 500 minutes (approximately 8.5 hours) to put the MDGs front and center in the global conversation.


Here is the schedule:

Topic: Strengthening the capacity of Community Based Organisations to improve Maternal Health in Africa

Leading Organization: Association for Reproductive & Family Health

Twitter Handle: @ARFHng

Topic: Engaging Leaders as Champions for maternal health- Case of Toyin Saraki

Leading Organization: Wellbeing Foundation Africa

Twitter Handle: @wellbeingafrica

Topic: Improving Maternal Health Seeking Behavior through Community Based Volunteers

Leading Organization: Targeted States High Impact Project (TSHIP)

Twitter Handle: @TSHIP_Nigeria

Topic: Is innovation lacking in efforts to improve Maternal Health

Leading Organization: Development Innovation

Twitter Handle: @devnovate

Topic: Maternal Health forecast for Africa– State of the World’s Mothers report

Leading Organization: Save The Children, Nigeria

Twitter Handle: @SavechildrenNG

Topic: Challenges in reaching Mothers on via social media, the role of online networks

Leading Organization: Digital Media Development Initiative

Twitter Handle: @DMDInitiatives

Topic: Can improving Policy help improve Maternal Health in Africa

Leading Organization: MamaYe Africa

Twitter Handle: @MamaYeNigeria

Facilitator: Esther Agbarakwe

Twitter Handle: @estherclimate

Main Hashtag: #MDG500

Associated hashtags: #MDGMomentum

Feel free to join the conversation and invite your friends over.