Open conversations in safe spaces provide a learning opportunity for both the talker and listener. I have always known and advocated same. I have an almost teenage son who is as curious as the word can be. In a culture where sex education is quite alien, I chose to teach.We have started having conversations around sexual activity, birth control, consensual sex, age of consent, safe sex and sexual abstinence.

In an age of information overload, it is in your interest to teach your teenager the right stuff about sex education. You can’t ignore this. I was sharing these thoughts with some mothers and I felt discomfort in the room as the age-long refusal to voice out such thoughts persist.

We have to intentionally and deliberately make the decision to teach our teenage children and not pretend that sexual abstinence prevails. We should teach these things even in worship places. It is a good thing to chant the bed undefiled verse but we have to face the reality.

In 2012, while discussing with few mothers in Mississippi, we came to an agreement that the best sex education teacher is likely the mother. While I have started this conversation in my home with my teenager, I will intentionally seek opportunities to encourage mothers to do same.

In a hugely unrelated news, I have unsuccessfully tried to wrap my head around why parents allow their kids to stand inside moving vehicles.

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