Learning is a lifelong experience that ensures that the learner keeps improving on built knowledge. Learning embodies that quest to add to, remove from and sustain the body of knowledge. I am of the opinion that learning is not complete if the three prongs of learning, unlearning and relearning are not consistently embraced by an individual.

In June, 2016, I had the exciting opportunity to speak to 100+ young people on the array of learning resources available online. The thrust of our conversation was on how new media and online resources can be effectively embraced to improve learning and productivity. It came as a surprise to me that most of my audience got to learn for the very first time that there is something called ‘massive open online courses.’ That got me thinking that the conversation around learning and modern forms of learning is one that should be amplified. I thereafter made a personal commitment to share some thoughts on the various platforms that young people can leverage upon in the quest for knowledge.

Dimgba Kalu, Tolu Ogunlesi and Blossom Ozurumba

Dimgba Kalu, Tolu Ogunlesi and Blossom Ozurumba

Beyond the somewhat popular massive open online courses, there are other variants that are quite specific in their delivery style like the small private online courses and the synchronous massive online courses. They are all similar in the sense that you need access to the internet to participate in the learning experience. Some are free while others are paid subscriptions with options of getting certificated at the end of the learning session. I have some top favorites that have added immeasurable value to me over time and I will be sharing them below. Hopefully, you might share my excitement and please, endeavor share with your network.

  • Shaw Academy: This platform boasts of various learning opportunities priced at N47, 950 for each desired course. Thankfully, an alternate subscription model exists that offers N299 per course. You can check it out when you visit dealdey.com/merchants/shaw-academy and remember to send me a word of appreciation on any of my social media platforms.
  • Lynda: You can learn business, technology and creative skills from the hugely popular lynda.com. You can enjoy 10 days free run and subsequently pay for access should you desire to continue with your subscription.
  • Coursera: For some of the world’s best courses by the world’s best universities, I strongly recommend the Coursera platform as a top option. Visit coursera.org to start.
  • Book Boon: A proven way to educate yourself and add to the body of knowledge is by reading. The Book Boon platform affords you unbeatable access to freely download textbooks at zero cost on compelling topics. This is ideal for students and academics. You can explore its wide offering when you visit bookboon.com.
  • Future Learn: For high quality free online courses from top universities and specialist organizations, the Future Learn platform is recommended. Visit futurelearn.com to commence the learning experience.
  • Udemy: The Udemy platform has as its value proposition, the promise to ensure that you own your future by learning new skills online. You can start when you visit udemy.com.
  • edX: You can embrace the edX platform for best courses from top institutions while learning anytime and anywhere when you visit edx.org.
  • Udacity: The Udacity platform is designed to train you to become a web developer, data analyst, mobile developer, etc. You can visit udacity.com to acquire real skills through a series of online courses and hands-on projects.

The list is endless and thankfully convenience which is a remarkable currency and a valid one at that is strongly advocated for by a platform called MOOC List. Visit www.mooc-list.com for an endless list of free courses offered by top universities. Simply visit any of the course platforms and embrace the option that is deemed best by you and start learning, unlearning and relearning.

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