This week on Social Media Conversations, we will take a look at the the impact of Social Media.

Social Media is an intriguing drug. It gives wings to the wingless, voice to the voiceless and strength to the weak. Social media is incredibly powerful. Young people today don’t really trust institutions, so they’re taking charge with new technology. In Sudan, when you are arrested, one of the major checks is to go through your social media platforms. With these premise, let us see how young Nigerian’s perceive Social Media. has it been a Blessing or a Curse?


I started by posting the tweet below:

A flurry of responses followed. It is instructive to note that several folks see it more as a Blessing than a Curse.

“It has been a blessing. A channel for advocacy and easy access to a vast number of people; The blessings of interacting with my people. Facebook has given me that opportunity, relatively new to twitter but expect the same.” ~ @tyinkusmeme

“It has been both a Blessing and a Curse. Ladies have been raped, information have been transmitted faster.” ~ @mauriceral

“Social media has been a blessing to me…I use it to advertise my services and get more clients.” ~ @Sehemba

“It has been a blessing to @Sisi_Yemmie it all depend on what you are looking at n how effective you want it to work for you!” ~ @Bizacademy4all

“It depends on the social media user, but to me, it has been a blessing. It has connected me with lots of good and reasonable people.” ~ @JerryIhejirika

“To me it has been a blessing. It made me have more experience and meet better people, also where I am working right now was from a friend on social media… So it depends on what you have come to do here.” ~ ‏@gbemilekesamuel

“Blessing, Awareness and Networking.” ~ @waleflame

“When cleverly used, nothing short of powerful, yet it is a distraction. We’re slowly being sucked into an isolated digital vortex.” ~ @SIJIMUSIC

Quite impressive thoughts, I must say and I entirely agree with all of them. Social Media is a weapon of mass construction. User generated contents are the building blocks required.

I close with the tweets below: