‪My interest in reading and writing in Igbo language is closely linked to my voracious reading appetite as a child.‬

At 12 years of age, I had finished reading all the novels written in English language that I could find in the Library of Federal Government Girls’ College, Owerri.

The Imo State Library could not also help as I had long devoured all available English language novels, thanks to my father’s nudging.

I was determined to keep reading. When it dawned on me that there was indeed nothing left to read, I moved over to the Igbo language sections in both libraries.

Thus began a journey that have seen me speak (I always did), read and write Igbo language to the excitement of my parents, brothers and everyone.

In church, I became the star teenager as I will always mount the podium to read passages from the Igbo bible.

As expected, I had a distinction in Igbo language in my Senior School Certificate Examination. Well, I did in 7 out of 9 subjects.

More in my upcoming book on personal branding… 

Blossom Ozurumba

Igbo language editor across various Wikimedia projects.

Photo: Taken by Victor Ceron for Wikimedia Mexico during #WikiWomenCamp.

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