Strolling down the aisles at the big brands section of Harrods, I always imagined that window shopping was a therapeutic experience for me. Alas, I was wrong. Could it be that I have always enjoyed the power that comes with knowing that I can afford low brands but just don’t want to make the requisite purchases? I could feel this power flee as it slowly began to dawn on me that this section is just beyond my league. A little voice whispered, Blossom just do this and live a little above common sense. Another urged me to ignore the silly voice. With a sea of un-spaced bills waving frantically at me, this is not the time to embrace vanity. I was sad but not sad. I was sad at the thought that I did not have the power that I had always imagined that I had. I was not sad as I knew it was only a matter of time. Time strengthens the focused mind and with the right actions and thoughts, it will click. This world can be peaceful if only we could intentionally learn to be sad but not sad.


Back to last weekend, I finally gave in to the urge to take my children to the pool to embrace the art of swimming. I cannot say that I am a stunning swimmer but I am certain that I will not drown if thrown into a body of water. As we got to the pool area, behold, the instructor who also doubles as a life guard was nowhere in sight. Not ready to deal with the disappointment that would follow the drive home should we ditch our swimming plan for the day, I braved it. We all piled into the pool albeit slowly but surely with the floaters in place and I began the foundational lecture on how to keep fear at bay while in the pool. Fast forward to the drive home, the children affirmed that they had the best pioneer swim lecture courtesy of Mummy and cannot wait for the weekend for a repeat session.


Talking about weekends, something great is currently happening in Nigeria. A shift is occurring. It is a pleasant one. It started with Nollywood. Then moved to the music scene. It has now extended to our football scene. Local production is steadily winning. Are you aware? As one who has always fancied the round leather game, my patriotic roots for my State of Origin has seen me mouth my support for Heartland FC. As I do not have the privilege of living in Owerri presently, I can only show my support from a distance but this is certainly not enough. This realization has seen me decide to become a true football fan in every sense of the word. It started with a deliberate research of the football clubs in Abuja. After careful consideration, I have decided to pitch my tent with FC Abuja. My team of choice currently tops the Division One F League Table with the Week One trashing of Katsina United Junior FC at the Area 3 Pitch. I am particularly looking forward to the Week Three fixture coming up on June 15, 2016. A Derby-wanna-be featuring FC Abuja and TEAP FC at the Area 3 Pitch. You should come and perhaps we can share a drink and take loads of selfies. I am just hoping that the children will share my new found excitement for FC Abuja. I am already imagining the thrill that this will unveil and the fun moments.

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