I know what you did and I am thoroughly shocked

by | Sep 10, 2017 | Fiction

Glancing through the pages of the magazine, I suddenly paused and stared endless at the image bouncing out of the ink outlay. I knew that face and I am certain I can recall a few stuff that happened that night.

A night so far flung in my memory that the details are becoming blurry but have stayed the taste of time, endless and unwilling to vanish. That night, I was willing to go the whole nine yards. I was angry at life and I was angry at how the goody goody two shoes lifestyle had yielded nothing but pain to me. A night so amazing that to my eternal shame, I wish I can go crazy all over again and re-experience it.

He had walked over to my table and I stared hopelessly into his arms. It was there. Right there. Nestling casually as he walked with it whilst uncaring about the effect it was having on me. I was excited at the possibilities. I knew I had to ask him to let go and bestow it on me. I have loved it as a child and I have continued even in my adulthood.

I was tongue tied. I tried to speak but the words stuck underneath my throat. Then it happened. There was a loud bang and there it stood in all its glory atop my table. I reached out and caressed it. It felt so good. I opened it and gently led it to my lips and I sucked out the goodness. Oh refreshing taste of ribena.

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