I have no properties to bequeath thee

by | Sep 10, 2017 | True Tales

I have two wonderful children that have helped me discover, un-discover and rediscover myself, over the years. Daniel who happens to be the most curious individual I have across will certainly push you to learn more with his endless questions. I am subtly beginning to communicate to him that he can also be the answer provider with my recent replacement of all football related news sourced from google with news directly gotten from him. Purity is the studious type that will first consult the dictionary and afterwards, ensure you do not take a breather till you fill her in with all the right responses she seeks.

We recently commenced a school hunt journey and I am super impressed at the resource they have both provided in the course of the hunt. We have seen some scary tuition fees and we have equally seen some that have brought out the business manager in me wondering how they manage to break even. In a recent school hunt trip, we got talking and the conversation slowly trickled down to Leo Tolstoy’s “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” After a series of debate, interruptions and well considered silence, we all came to the agreement that “Six feet from his head to his heels was all he needed.”

With that cue, I then delved into a talk session that I have always had in my bucket list which sought to communicate to them that I have no properties to bequeath anyone in the future. Now, this will sound a bit weird but it is true. I have always been pragmatic and practical when it came to acquisitions. I would rather rent a studio flat in the City Centre than travel to the suburbs to rent a massive duplex even at the same cost. It is a good thing to have the joy that comes with spaciousness but it is a better thing to enjoy a traffic-free commute. It is a good thing to be able to afford the extra diesel needed to power your generator but it is a better thing to enjoy a sound sleep without the irritating noise that comes with the power generator.

Suffice to say that I ensured every component of my thoughts got passed across and I can officially state that it has been ticked as done and dusted in my bucket list. As we speak, Daniel and Purity have been cloaked with the consciousness that the plan is to give them the best education ever that will prepare them to purchase their own properties when the time comes. There is no plan to amass all that for them at the expense of a quality education plan. This knowledge I believe will further improve how they currently embrace the need to work hard and get results.

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