Sunday 30th March, 2014 was a memorable day for Nigerians. It was not just because it was Mothering Sunday for Anglicans and Catholics, the residents of Abuja woke up to the news of a jailbreak attempt at the Department of State Services in Abuja, Nigeria.


There was an online frenzy with most folks relying on titbits of information garnered from witnesses and the few that were shared by the Public Relations unit of the Department of State Services. In the cause of the event, a certain Yoosooph who tweets as @ciaxon, was thrown into the limelight. He shared real time information as texts and photos of the occurrences around the Department of State Services. Apparently he was at his duty post within the zone and had a clear view of the entire incidence.

Fast forward to yesterday, the 9th of April, 2014, I saw a random tweet as shown below

My first reaction was to tweet directly at the Twitter user to authenticate the news.

The response gotten was quite flippant with the user authenticating the information while insisting that she cannot share the source at the moment. That was the last I heard of the story until later in the evening when other folks stumbled on the tweet and all hell broke loose on Twitter. Next up was the creation of a hashtag, #FreeCiaxon.

Update: The alleged arrest of Yoosooph who tweets as Yoosooph (@ciaxon) has been authenticated.

Furthermore, he has been identified as Isiaka Yusuf and he works as an engineer at the Aso Rock PHCN substation in Abuja Nigeria. Further information about him can be garnered from the timeline of the Twitter user seen above.

Next steps:

The reasons for his disappearance or arrest as might be concluded from the above is unclear. It is instructive to note that while sharing real time information on Social Media is not a crime but the Department of State Services reserves the right to invite anyone for questioning if they believe that it could be a useful lead in an investigation. My heart goes out to the family of Isiaka Yusuf.

Call to action:

As at today, the Chidi Odinkalu led National Human Rights Commission has waded into the matter. Anyone with further information that will aid the investigation should connect with them on Twitter by tweeting at @chairmanNHRC, using the hashtag, #FreeCiaxon.