I met Emeka Onyenwe yesterday at the #OpenDataNigeria event organized by Federal Ministry of Communication and Technology with support from World Bank and Department for International Development.

The first thing that struck me about him was the ease at which he held conversations and the excitement he radiates when he talked about his healthcare mobile application, Find-A-Med.

He is the first feature on the Super Hero Series and hopefully, other young Nigerians will get to be featured and their ideas celebrated.


Emeka Onyenwe shares “How it all began”

It all happened at a blink of an eye, I got an eureka moment and Find-A-Med was born.  Find-A-Med is a location based application that finds the closest hospitals, pharmacies, eye, dental, and other health centers around you.

I got the idea because I was solving a personal problem of mine. After we moved from the mainland to Lekki, I never bothered to find any hospital or register anywhere because I hardly ever fall sick and it just wasn’t a priority to me. Until one unfortunate day, my friend that came to visit was vomiting and really needed to see a doctor to find out what’s going on. I had no where to go and ended up driving around without any idea of where I was going to. Eventually I found a place then we got referred to another place because they were specialists. That day bothered me because I wasn’t very informed about my surrounding like I thought I was, then I knew I had an idea worth chasing.

I studied technology entrepreneurship as my masters at UCL London and that program prepared me to take on this project, which is how I was able to create the right team to build the application. Find-A-Med is a crowd sourced application which means that anyone can add a center to the database if it is not there and it will get approved before it is listed. The application is equally location based and that means it uses GPS to plot your location, automatically finding the centers closest to you. It also gives you directions on how to get there and if you sign up you can write reviews about the centers and give them ratings.

Another cool thing about the app is that once you create a user profile, you are able to store your basic health information that can be used for emergency response situations.

What is Special about Find-A-Med?

I felt like an app like this would be valuable to a lot of people. Someone once told me that this App is like a spare tyre that you never know when you will need it but its just good to have.


Find-A-Med is currently in its beta testing phase. You can freely download it from Google Play and Apple stores or, you can access it directly from your mobile device browser at find-a-med.com.

You can watch Find-A-Med App Promo Video on YouTube below:



The Super Hero Series is a continuous project that showcases how young Nigerians are constantly using Technology to impact the public and work for Social Good.