Growing up in Nigeria was a pure delight. If delight means books, books and more books, then I grew up in a delightful home. After primary school, I got admitted into Federal Government Girls’ College, Calabar. Fortunately, my parents refused to allow me make the journey from Owerri to Calabar. A year, later, it was quite awesome when I got a transfer to Federal Government Girls’ College, Owerri. I could not wait for the holiday to end as I anxiously waited to be ushered into the greatness that this unknown citadel would unveil.

It was a remarkable journey and ride for me even though it was quite difficult to blend in with already formed cliques in my X class. This was not unusual as I did not have the luck of joining in form one. I can easily remember Ulunma Onyirioha and her friendliness that made me feel at home from day one. I also remember how Eyiomare Uretse became a source of novels and endless novels. School was fun but I doubt if the fun can be fully embraced as I was a day student. Forward to form four, my father brought home a beautiful pen. I fell in love with it and I took it. The next day, clutching my pretty pen and attending Aunty Lizzy’s Health Education class, I played a prank. Sadly, Nonye Ntamere got hurt as my pretty pen which I used to play a prank on her wreaked havoc.

Less than a fortnight afterwards, the school third term holiday began. In the middle of it all, the letter came. I have been expelled from Federal Government Girls’ College, Owerri. I cried and I cried. Nothing could be done to change the already reached decision. That was the end of my sojourn with this school that I had come to love so much and that was the beginning of a new journey for me. I went to a nearby private school and became more determined to focus on my studies and make my parents proud. That worked! I graduated as the best graduating student with seven distinctions and two credits.

Looking back, I believe that my expulsion was a blessing in disguise. Not every turn on the road to success is an ill-turn. Some are designed to give you an opportunity to re-strategize and become better. Never give up on you. Rather, give up on excuses.

I celebrate every remarkable lady that passed through the gates of Federal Government Girls’ College, Owerri. I celebrate the Class of 1997. I celebrate the formidable Green House. I celebrate every X-Class girl.

*This post is in celebration of the 42nd Founders day celebration of Federal Government Girls’ College, Owerri.

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Update: Aideyan Daniel sent me a feedback (via this link) on 7th December, 2015 as shown below:

Good day,
I just read your post ‘Expelled to Greatness’ and I think the message is highly inspirational. You know there’s a but – smiles – How come there’s no single mention of the name of the Private school you used as a vehicle to your greatness? I’m sure they must have contributed even if it’s a teeny weeny bit to this great you, instead we see FGGC owerri splashed on our faces (it’s not a bad thing). I just believe that the ‘Private school’ have a right of mention.

Keep writing. I was inspired!

That was a great feedback by Daniel and it is my pleasure to make corrections as he is perfectly right. 🙂

The Private School I used as a vehicle to my greatness is Premier Secondary School, Owerri. I remain thankful to this citadel of repute for building and shaping me to become the person that I am. We had a school motto termed, ‘Learn To Do It Yourself’ and this sparked my early grasp of what creativity entails. Thank you Daniel for this feedback. I am thankful.