Evolving of a personal brand is often as a result of either confusion or confirmation of your purpose and raison d’être. I recently re-described my self with a new vision of sharing bite sized news around energy markets on social media. Coincidentally, I noticed that an online acquaintance of mine had asked what I consider to be truly pertinent questions, almost at the same time. She asked, “how have you described your self in the last three or two years. Consistently the same or becoming different?” I read this and dwelled on it for sometime as I realized that the questions showcase the very essence of evolution.

In evolving a personal style which leads to a personal brand, you have to always remember the first rule of thumb. This is not a universal rule by any means but it somewhat gives you the confidence to go in the path of your purpose. The rule is simple; you owe no one an explanation for your evolution. You are allowed that space of confusion and confirmation. The former only leads you to learning what your personal brand is not notwithstanding how long you stay in that state of confusion. The latter gives you the peace that comes with confirmation and I must also remind you that the future can cause an evolution of your confirmation.

Confusion is the first mile in the cross country race to serenity. It is that space that allows your creativity to become unmasked. It is that space that soaks up your rough edges and brings out a refined aspect of you that no form of clarity can unveil. Do not despise this space as there can not be any lasting confirmation without confusion.

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