Social Media for Social Good; On Friday 16 May, 2014, partners around Nigeria will be advocating for better child and maternal health via a Twitter chat with the theme “Every Newborn: an action plan to end preventable deaths”

As you are very much aware, progress on improving newborn survival has not caught pace with progress on improving under-five child deaths and maternal deaths. Also, newborn deaths now account for at least 44% of under-five child deaths, and if Nigeria must meet MDG4, we need to accelerate action and interventions to save our precious little ones.


The twitter chat will be hosted by partner organization and has themes and perspectives to help drive the strategic objectives and goals. We are also hoping to reach out to many different audiences to celebrate the live-saving work of midwives and the wider impact on maternal, newborn, and child health, that improved policy implementation brings.

Here is the schedule for tomorrow:

Organization: Wellbeing Foundation Africa (@wellbeingafrica)

Time: 11am Nigerian Time

Theme: The importance of client-held (for both mother and child) personal health records in ensuring quality ante-natal, delivery, and post-natal care

Organization: Save the Children Nigeria (@SavechildrenNG)

Time: 11pm Nigerian Time

Theme: Why is newborn health in emergency settings important – State of the World’s Mothers Report.

Organization: Mamaye Nigeria (@MamaYeNigeria)

Time: 1pm

Theme: The importance of government commitments to newborn health and prematurity

Organization: Notagain Campaign (@notagaincampaig)

Time: 2pm

Theme: Importance of political, expert leadership for newborn health in Nigeria

Organization: Society for Family Health (@SFHNigeria)

Time: 3pm

Theme: Interventions/commodities/innovations for newborn health, prematurity in Nigeria

Organization: Association for Reproductive and Family Health (@ARFH_nig)

Time: 4pm

Theme: The low-cost interventions to save the lives of mothers & newborns that exist and are available in Nigeria

Organization: Digital Media Development Initiatives (@DMDInitiatives)

Time: 5pm Nigerian Time

Theme: Using Social Media as a tool to advocate for the Newborn

Organization: Development Innovation (@devnovate)

Time: 6pm Nigerian Time

Theme: Technology and Social and behavioral change communication (SBCC) in promoting maternal and newborn and child health in Nigeria

Organization: Targeted States High Impact Project, Nigeria (@TSHIP_Nigeria)

Time: 7pm Nigerian Time

Theme: Making Life Saving Commodities Available in Nigeria: The story of Chlorhexidine for safe umbilical cord care.

Main Hashtag: #EveryNewborn

Associated hashtags: #EWECprogress | #SOWMy2014 | #WHA67 | #Nigeria | #Promise4Children | #newbornhealth | #maternalhealth| #post2015

Feel free to join the conversation and invite your friends over.