About the Vlisco Women’s Month Award:

Who inspires you to follow your dream?

Vlisco has nominated women in West and Central Africa for the Vlisco Women’s Month Award this year.

The winner of Vlisco Women’s Month will be announced at the end of March and beginning of April. Who that will be, however, is completely in your hands as she will be elected by public vote. For your chance to win fantastic Vlisco prizes, we ask you to vote for your favourite nominee in each of the six participating countries. You have a total of six votes, with one vote per country.

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Who is Esther Agbarakwe?

Esther Agbarakwe, a Development Communication Specialist, is one of Africa’s leading climate change and women’s rights advocates. Active since the age of 9, she has founded many initiatives and projects in the health and environmental fields. She is also passionate about technology.


Why is she Nominated?

Esther is a true example of a hero and a role model for every young woman both in Nigeria and abroad. She has been selected because her hard work and movement for change over the years cannot go unnoticed.


Here are the Nigerian Nominees:


Just for Laughs:

Adesuwa Onyenekwe is one of the Nominees. Check out her endorsement meme for Esther.


Esther’s interview with Vlisco:

Vlisco: How did you become the woman you are?

Esther: I started work as a change agent when I was just 9 years old working on children’s rights issues, in particular the right of girls to education in Calabar, Southern Nigeria. While studying at the University of Calabar, I became a peer health counsellor and founded the Students’ Anti-AIDS society.

Vlisco: What dream for women in the world do you have?

Esther: My dream is to see every woman economically and technologically empowered so that she can contribute meaningfully to society.

Vlisco: What is your favourite quote?

Esther: Everything is possible, if you work hard and believe.


Next Steps for Esther and us:

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Why do I care:

Oh dear, I should have announced this earlier…

Esther is my best friend and I am unashamedly her number one cheer leader and fan. Lol!


Awwh! We will smile forever if Esther wins. L to R: Esther, Blossom and Chinyere (My Cousin)