‪‪I love the Nigerian Pidgin expression. It brings life to a conversation in a way that the Queen’s English cannot fathom. It adds the much needed spark that can fully express the intent of the speaker thereby ensuring that the listener is not at sea with the interpretation.

Even a simple emoji is not left behind when the pidgin English is at work. It is my pleasure to share a few that I constructed and I will be happy to update this as my creativity updates. Please enjoy.

‪👍🏼 Na you dey reign.‬

‪😍 I love you pass my Mama.‬

‪😳 Which kain wahala be this?‬

‪😕 Your father.‬

‪👌🏼 Na you biko.‬

‪👊🏼 Chop knuckle.‬

‪🙌🏻 Boys are loyal.‬

‪😎 I just dey observe.‬

‪🚶🏾 I just dey waka pass.‬

‪🤔 Make I think first.‬

‪👏🏾 You too much.‬

‪🤑 You too like money.‬

‪Oya add your own.‬

Updates: I got a few crowdsourced entries and they are as exciting and as stylish as ever. Here we go:

😂 I don laugh die. (Courtesy of Aishat Onusi)

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