I met Olaoluwa Aina of Easy Taxi, Nigeria at the Social Media Week event held in Lagos in February, 2014. We had an easy flow conversation where I shared my experience with the product and my admiration for the start-up. This is a sequel to our conversation. Enjoy the Super Hero Series with Bankole Cardoso the founder of Easy Taxi Nigeria.

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Bankole Cardoso shares “How it all began”

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I was living in New York City where a similar product like Easy Taxi Nigeria was available.  The brilliant thing was that despite the fact that there were numerous cabs available in New York City, the service still made life easier and more convenient for consumers.

Bringing it back home to Nigeria, despite the availability of a decent number of taxis, it is pretty difficult to get a comfortable taxi at your convenience. When you are fortunate to do this, there will arise the inevitable safety concern and off course the bargaining challenge.  With Easy Taxi, the proposition was that it could bring a solution to this challenge and create a more efficient method of getting a taxi.

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All you need to know about Easy Taxi:

Easy Taxi is Nigeria’s leading free smartphone application that provides the safest, fastest and most convenient way of hailing a taxi in Lagos by connecting a network of registered drivers directly to customers.

The application makes use of GPS which displays the passenger’s location when the app is opened. To request a taxi, the passenger confirms his/her location and clicks “Request Taxi”. Upon requesting for a taxi, the GPS identifies the closest driver to the passenger’s location and he is assigned to the passenger.

Since inception in June 2013, the brand has been implementing measures to ensure they change the taxi culture in Nigeria which has in turn generated traction to the brand from local and international media agencies.

In November 2013, the brand partnered with Samsung to integrate Easy Taxi apps into Samsung phones brought into the country. The partnership granted Samsung license to distribute the Easy Taxi application on its devices, 30,000 of which will be pre-loaded with the Easy Taxi application for free downloads on the Samsung App Store.

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To kick off the New Year the company gave back by coming to Baby Kehinde Adebuyi, a baby diagnosed with a hole in her heart’s aid. Alongside a monetary contribution they gave a mobile phone to the mother with a commitment to provide free hospital drop off and pick up services.

In a similar measure they have rewarded drivers connected to their network based on their selection criteria with full fuel tanks. This is one of the measures the venture has taken to ensure the drivers on their network are motivated to providing excellent taxi experience for their customers.

The taxi service in line with its mission of being the foremost taxi hailing service in the country also upgraded its phone application with new features that enables passengers customize their taxi booking experience by selecting between an option of yellow, branded and unbranded taxis at their disposal.

In January the fast growing brand was amongst the first African ventures to be featured on CNN African Start-up, a new programming strand that shines the spotlight on African start-ups and entrepreneurs.

In another partnership with Samsung, the brand has ran a targeted campaign that allowed Easy Taxi users on Samsung phones free Easy Taxi rides from 9pm on Feb 14th 2014 to 9pm on February 15th 2014.

Download the Easy Taxi App:

App Store| Google Play| Samsung Apps| Windows Phone Store| WebAPP

Connect with Easy Taxi on Twitter and Facebook.

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