Introducing Mark Essien will be me simply following protocols as he needs no introduction. The interesting thing about this dashing young man is his love for food and his inability to hide this love from folks that know him. Good food is hard to find, good appetite is harder to find but best of all, good food combined with an easy appetite plus speed in delivery should be the hardest thing to find.

easy appetite

Thanks to Mark Essien, the city of Lagos might have just uncovered the best way to have a combination of the three at the comfort of both wallet and time. What has twitter got to do with all these? Mark had earlier been angry at a food delivery service and might have as well sworn not to ever patronize any online food delivery service, again.

Alas, two days afterwards, Mark had a change of mind and I decided to find out why.

It took just a simple tweet from a rival firm to get Mark’s loyalty. Now this is just brilliant and I will recommend that every business should go beyond advertising themselves online to actually engaging folks that are dissatisfied from the service gotten from their competitors.

What we should learn from Easy Appetite’s Twitter engagement:

  • Keep your customers close and your competitors, closer