It has been found that investment in Agriculture has the capability to raise productivity and how Africa will be able to meet challenge of poverty and also feed its youthful population. According the report jointly published by ONE and the World Bank, over 90% of sub-Saharan Africa’s extreme poor are engaged in Agriculture. It has been found that growth from the Agriculture sector is 2–4 times more effective at directly reducing poverty than growth originating in other sectors.

Day 9

Empowering women is crucial to the prosperity of Nigeria and the entire Africa:

It has been found out that there is a huge gender gap in Nigeria as women are not properly supported to do Agriculture. Findings from ONE and World Bank Report “Leveling the Ground”, shows that women farmers consistently produce less per hectare than their male counterparts. It is also found that the gender gap in agriculture is caused by more than unequal access to inputs. With less access to agricultural inputs such as improved seedlings and fertilizers, women also have fewer returns compared to men.

The gender gap is also evident with unequal access to markets and extension workers. The gender gap in education has direct effect on women farmers and Nigeria is not immune from this. The Federal Government has a gender component in the budget that includes agriculture. There has to be more clarity of the project that started last year with the announcement by the President.

This is a call to action for government to spend more on agriculture and empower more women to embrace agriculture!

Can we just #doagric?

If your response is yes, join us in this call to action for government to spend more on agriculture. You can join in two simple steps:

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As a young Nigerian woman, I am committed to support the new reform initiatives geared towards improving agriculture. Are you? #DoAgric

When a woman gains more control over her income, she gains more say over important decisions that affect her family. #DoAgric

Women are core to national development and there is huge gap when it comes to their access to agricultural inputs. #DoAgric

In 2012, President Goodluck Jonathan announced a gender budget program of N3bn which agriculture was part of. Are there results? #DoAgric

It is time to support women in agriculture with extensions services and access to markets. Government needs to be  more definitive #DoAgric

Download the @ONE and @WorldBank Report on Gender Gap in Agriculture. Click to download. #DoAgric

We need to rise above cultural mindsets that limit women access to lands and also raise education levels of adult female farmers #DoAgric

If women worldwide had same access to resources as men, they could increase yields on their farms by 20-30% as they #DoAgric.

Closing Note:

We can create and drive change if we #DoAgric. Join me and sign the petition at