When it comes to agricultural programmes, Nigeria has witnessed a few. Despite the renewed interest by different governments and also glaring fact that agriculture contributes the highest to Nigeria’s GDP, Nigeria has not been able to meet its food sufficiency from local farming.

Day 3 Beyond Operation Feed the Nation and Green Revolution:

In the 1970s and 1980s, Nigeria witnessed the “Operation Feed the Nation” and “Green Revolution”. Since the advent of fourth republic, President Goodluck Jonathan has shown interest in the place of agriculture to stem youth unemployment and also cut back our import bill. This is known as the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA). A key component of the ATA is to provide 3.5 million agriculture inspired jobs by 2015.

Questions and more:

We think this is laudable but we will like Mr. President to explain how many jobs have been created?

What has been the effect of the programme on cutting down food imports and how much does Nigeria earn from agricultural exports?

Measuring the performance and communicating it to the public is key. We also want to ask the President why the budget for agriculture in 2014 less than what was stated in the Transformation Agenda Strategy Plan?

This is a call to action for government to spend more on agriculture!

Can we just #doagric?

If your response is yes, join us in this call to action for government to spend more on agriculture. You can join in two simple steps:

Step 1: Sign the petition at www.one.org/doagric

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The Agricultural Transformation Agenda was meant to focus on self-sufficiency via import substitution and reduction of food cost. #DoAgric

Why is the budget for Agriculture in 2014 less than what was stated in the Transformation Agenda Strategy Plan? #DoAgric #AskGEJ

The Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) is supposed to create 3.5 million new jobs. What are the results? #DoAgric #AskGEJ

The goal of Agricultural Transformation Agenda is industrialized, diversified economy; Wealth creation & food security. Any Update? #DoAgric

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Mr President, how will you ensure that Agriculture becomes a sustainable business and not a development project? #DoAgric #AskGEJ

Closing Note:

We can create and drive change if we #DoAgric. Join me and sign the petition at www.one.org/doagric