We are excited to announce the next edition of the biweekly #DoAgric interview on Twitter.
Find below the fine details of the Interview session:
Event: #DoAgric Interview:
Guest: Ati Kenneth Kengkeng (@Atiphobis)
Theme: My Experience as a young Nigerian Farmer in Makurdi, Benue State
Date: 7th August 2014
Time: 1800 GMT+1
Host: @DMDInitiatives

Ati Kenneth Kengkeng #DoAgric

About Ati Kenneth Kengkeng:

Ati Kenneth Kengkeng was born on 17th July 1986 and he holds a B.Sc. in Statistics and Computer Science plus a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, both from the University of Agriculture, Makurdi.

He is the winner of the Heir Apparent Leadership Reality Television Show that was organized by the National Orientation Agency in November 2010. Ati won as prizes: A Tractor, a Peugeot 307, N5,000,000 seed fund and an earth dam (yet to be constructed).

He is MD/CEO of Tedmak Nigeria Limited, the company that owns and operates the farm that he currently manages. Crop-wise, he cultivates rice and maize while animal-wise; he rears pigs at his farm located in Benue. Plans are on ground to commence production of glasscutters and fish. The animal farm is in a transition period right now as he has commenced clearing of stock and construction of a new farm in order to expand into a bigger facility and space.

Ati is passionate about salient activities like activism, volunteerism and partnership with youth organizations, locally and globally. He is the founder and President of Young Agro Professionals, an agro-allied pressure group based in Makurdi, Benue State. He has been a farmer for about five years and is certainly not going back at this point.

About Digital Media Development Initiatives:

Digital Media Development Initiatives is a Non Governmental Organization that operates mostly in Northern Nigeria. The thematic focus is the effective, constructive and innovative use of Digital and New Media Communication Systems for Development. Their focus for the rest of year 2014 will be on Agriculture with particular interest on the #DoAgric conversation.

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