I grew up being the perfect daddy’s girl. I never questioned my daddy’s love for me as I was completely assured of it. My love for almost all the things that I am passionate about, stemmed from my daddy.

From politics to writing to compèring, I cannot explain it but he unconsciously shaped me to become passionate about these things. I remember with fondness, how we will travel to remote villages to preach God’s word as he was a lay preacher and the joy I felt when he will call me to the pulpit to read the Igbo bible to the joy of the congregants.

What of the moments when I will have squabbles with Ozurumba Uzoma and Mazi Udoka Ozurumba, and he will always come to my rescue. There was this unflinching support which I thoroughly milked to the consternation of my brothers. Lol!

I was his favourite chef not minding that my mummy, Amaechi Ozurumba showed me the ropes. I always look forward to those moments when I would place a deliciously prepared meal before him and he will eat with relish. What of those moments when I will always go to school with the joy that school fees drive will not affect me in any way. My daddy will either make sure that he has paid or pen a letter that I will hand deliver to the school assuring them of payment. They always obliged and I am thankful.

Daddy Anozie Ozurumba, I love you so much and I pray to show this beyond words and beyond anything that I have done. You are not only the best daddy that a girl can ask for, you are the best Grand Pa, ever. Daniel and Purity are super blessed to have you. As you clock 72 today, I wish you a fantastic birthday and a superb year ahead of you. God bless you abundantly.
I love you so much, daddy.

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