I love color Red not just because it brings out my beauty and certainly not because Bill Blass once said “When In Doubt Wear Red” but because I simply love the color, Red.

Sometime in June, 2013, I bumped into this dude who seemingly shared my love for Red and we took a photo which I immediately posted on Facebook.


A flurry of comments followed my caption “Bloody red!!! When you do not know what to wear, just wear red. I know it is not valentine but bumping into a guy wearing smoking hot reds got me rushing out my camera for a photo grab. Meanwhile, enjoy my brown shoe number. They are candy blazing Brown…”

Fast forward to later

I got to know that Deonfave is a music artist and this is me inviting you to enjoy some of his amazing songs.

I hope you love it!!!


Beautiful Girl


Money Making Machine


About Deonfave

Deonfave was born and nurtured in Otukpo, Benue State and he tweets via @DeonFave. You can also connect with him on Facebook right here.