User experience is something that most brand managers agree is key to the success of every product offering. This is the decider in ensuring repeat purchase and usage. There is currently a lot of chatter in and around us and we are daily deluged with loads of technology that it is quite difficult to keep track. I recently came across Belema and I am excited to introduce him in this edition of Super Hero Series.

Belema Olise

Belema Olise

Belema Olise introduces us to Chatter in his own words:


My name is Belema Olise. I am a recent graduate of computer science from Bowen University. Like most people, I find news quite educative and entertaining. However, to get information on Nigeria, you have to visit various news sites and blogs as there is no one app or place where you could go to find news from these various sources. My brother, Dr. Diepriye Olise in 2011, wrote a code for the iOS platform to keep track of Nigerian news but never released it. Last year I decided to write an app for the android platform and we released it in October as Chatter on both the Apple’s app store and the Google’s play store. Since then the code has undergone multiple updates and is in constant development to improve user experience.

Diepriye and Belema

Diepriye and Belema Olise

I like reading novels, mostly sci-fi and fantasy novels. I am currently reading The Malazan book of the Fallen and have read A Song of Ice and Fire (isn’t winter always coming?), The Wheel of Time amongst others. My most read book however is the sci-fi novel Ring by Stephen Baxter. I am not much of a gamer, but enjoy playing Mortal Kombat and Drake-Unchartered. As Karsa Orlong would say, too many words.

Let me allow you to experience the App while I go back to my sci-fi world. Hopefully, I will discover yet another opportunity to keep improving news experience in Nigeria. For now, download, enjoy and ensure to thank me later.


Dr. Diepriye Olise

About Chatter:

Chatter our news app, is a single place to discover, read and share news and content on events and things happening in Nigeria. Chatter provides an easy reading experience featuring Nigerian content from various news sources and blogs that the user selects from a catalogue of these sources. The app allows you to share stories to your favourite social network. Chatter provides offline reading for the data conscious allowing one to read stories even when disconnected from the internet.

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Editor’s Note: The Super Hero Series is a continuous project that showcases how young Nigerians are constantly using Technology to impact the public and work for Social Good.