The name Paul Ezeudoh may come across as a regular guy from the South Eastern part of Nigeria but beyond the name is one of the most brilliant young men that I have ever come across. When his social media pseudonym, Tweet Oracle or Auracool is mentioned, be certain to hear gasps of admiration. As a regular social media user, I came across Paul and took time to study his rather unique way of engaging with other social media users. One thing stood out for me. His boundless creativity from scuffles to posting inspirational updates. Bottom line, he got a willing audience to impact and also found a way to monetize his social media platforms. He recently took a rather laid back approach and decided to completely do away with the scuffle approach of pushing his narratives and I wondered why. Well, I have since stopped wondering as he finally let the cat out of the bag.

Here comes Adaobi Ogbudinkpa:

On Saturday 5th December, 2015, I awoke to the most amazing news on my Twitter timeline, Paul had proposed to Ada and she said yes.

Oracle Proposal

The announcement was shortly followed by the most amazing report of how the proposal went. Love is truly a lovely thing. Paul in his usual creative manner shared how he proposed using the Twitter hashtag, #HowIProposed. Find below a step by step narration by him and ensure to take away one or two tips. 🙂

  • So I had plotted how to propose to Ada for weeks now and yesterday carried it out and she was brutally astonished.
  • So by the time we got home last night, it was about 10pm and she was worn out. I fed her, ran a bath for her then tucked her into bed.
  • Then in the middle of the night, I woke up and discretely slipped the engagement ring in her hand and then went back to sleep.
  • Then I woke up by 4am and kept staring at her. She was startled and started asking me what was wrong, I gave her a shocked look.
  • Then I told her that I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a ring on her hand and wondered how she got it.
  • She was befuddled and bewildered and started defending herself and how she didn’t know how the ring got on her finger.
  • Before she could say more, I quickly covered her mouth with a passionate kiss, pressed play for Boyz II Men’s ‘On Bended Knees’ track.
  • Then I quickly got on my knees and proposed to her, asking her to marry me because she was born to make me happy.
  • She has been in tears as she could not believe what happened early this morning. She has been staring at her hand ever since.
  • And then she said YES… Trust me the rest of the things that happened swiftly after this you all don’t even need to know.

This is wishing Paul and Ada a beautiful union and a fruitful marriage.

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