I met Binyerem Ukonu several years ago on Facebook and since then we have been e-acquaintances. I was overjoyed when I accidentally bumped into his new start-up and this is me sharing the joy with you. Enjoy this offering even as I serve you a Super Hero extraordinaire that is committed to helping young Nigerians build their own homes effortlessly.


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Binyerem takes us to the root of the game:

While I was studying Architecture at Imo State University, I loved a few websites and I made sure I visited them to draw inspiration that would guide me with my design presentations. Then, I found a few websites that were related to what I have tried to do with BuyPlan.com.ng. But of course, all of them were international websites that sampled designs suitable with the nature and climates of countries like the United States or Europe. I couldn’t do much with those designs. They couldn’t satisfy our needs as Nigerians, and indeed Africa. I vowed to do something close to those things I saw.

I started my walk late last year, exactly around September 2013. I noted three factors that would guide me properly, and at the end make my clients happy. My key words were Sustainability, Functionality and Affordability, and those were the words that gave birth to BuyPlan.com.ng, the first ever online home designs retailer.

We stock a collection of home designs and plans done by young Nigerian architects and designers, and we are mostly not scared to sell them to our clients at very affordable rates. We retail our designs as Downloadable PDF, CAD and Blueprints. We also handle other vital construction designs such as Electrical, Mechanical and Structural designs, and this usually takes between 10 to 15 days to be delivered, from the time order is made on our website or social media links.

Usually, when a young entrepreneur comes up with an idea, funding rushes in to pose as a major factor limiting him from achieving a milestone. But the major push must be the heart, and also your sincere desire to change the present sad state and situation of things. I wanted to change the mindset of Nigerians. I wanted to make them believe in professionalism. Above all, I wanted to provide independent jobs for the numerous number of architects that graduate from our many universities. By creating an avenue as this, we are sure to change the entire landscape of our nation over the coming years with sustainable and affordable homes.

Our website serves as an ecommerce center, and what we basically do, in a layman’s language, is to sell stock plans for residential purposes. We also modify, customize and create new designs. We have successfully retailed a reasonable number of architectural designs, and we are presently handling two construction projects in the eastern part of the country. We are five months old. One of the best decisions that we have made is to recommend small construction firms to clients in the locations that we cannot mobilize. So we keep inviting architects and builders to contact us, and send in their profiles.

The other concept that is attached to this innovation is our ‘Realtor Platform’, and this allows every individual to become our agent. Once you introduce a client to us, you end up earning 5% of the price of the product. You immediately become self-employed. But for one to become a registered Realtor, he would need to contact our customer service for that.

Presently, I enjoy the fact that I am yet to find my competition in the Nigerian market. But I am sure I will enjoy more when I have more creative people trying to do the same or even better than I have done. When you do something good, you know. When you do something really great, you smile. There are many opportunities that are online, and Nigeria is still a new born on that scape.

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About BuyPlan.com.ng:

BuyPlan.com.ng as a trade division of Samthia’s Dreams Limited that specializes in the retail of home plans and designs done by Nigerian architects to customers that intend building their homes anywhere within Nigeria. They are also a building solutions provider, with our great customer service unit and a team of experienced consultants that are always willing to assist every customer from decision making level to project execution. Their plans and designs are created to follow the guidelines set aside in the National Building Code for the making of architectural plans.


Have a taste of BuyPlan.com.ng:


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