I have seen brilliant Ads and more in my life and I have stopped to admire and soak in the pleasure of the experience. I have also seen some truly crazy Ads and I am yet to recover from the taste that they left on my emotions. From Pepsi to Shear Moisture to our very own Chicken Republic in Nigeria, the conversation has remained un-paused as folks lend their voice to the morality and relevance of some of their Ad offerings.

I recently came across the Ads below that were apparently commissioned in year 2016 by a Bang & Olufsen store outlet in Abuja, Nigeria:

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Photo Credit: Bang & Olufsen Abuja Launch – Teaser

Here are some of my thoughts at first glance:

Shortly, in addressing the conversation tilt that bragging and arrogance is a culture of Bang & Olufsen, I believe that:

  • A decade-long attempt by the brand to change the perception of being the stupid blonde of consumer electronics has yielded positive results. This Nigerian Ad is quite retrogressive.
  • The weird thing is the folks that the Ad seeks to insult largely do not have a clue about the brand.

The conversation is still ongoing and I think it will remain so as other crazy Ads before it.

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