This edition of  #AdoptATweep was presented with support from #EDCAbuja.

Few hours to the start of the event held on Saturday 6th April, 2013, participants were seen strolling into the impressive grounds of Hawthorn Suites, located at #1 Uke Street, Garki, Area 11, Abuja, Nigeria (Same Street as Sahad Stores).

Behold the photos of the fully packed event.

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About Adopt A Tweep:

It is an innovative event aimed at empowering people to create brands that will attract attention on Twitter. The project involves a quarterly offline event that gathers young entrepreneurs and creative artists, to learn twitter growth secrets at a 100% discounted fee. In other words FREE!!! To ensure sustainability of the no-cost drive, the participants are encouraged to embrace the #BYOD trend. #BYOD means bring your own device.

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About EDC Abuja:

The #EDCAbuja is an initiative of LIMBsimple. The goal is to create the next generation of businesses by providing simplified technical, inspirational and motivational information on entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development that would enable young people start and build sustainable businesses.

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