Tweet-a-thon Guide on the Day of the African Child using the hashtags, , , and


To share all the information you and every other person need to know about the Day of the African Child, how to support the campaign to #BringBackOurGirls and get every child into school and learning.

What is a Tweet-a-thon?

A Tweet-A-Thon (from the word marathon) is an online event on Twitter where users focus all of their tweets on a particular issue. In this case our focus will be on the Day of the African Child using the hashtags, , , and

Breakdown of the Specifics:

Date: Monday 16th June, 2014

Start Time: 0100hrs GMT+1

End Time: 2400hrs GMT+1

Venue: Twitter

Host: @DMDInitiatives

Tweetathon Participants: Every Twitter User

Specific Approach: 50 custom made Tweets that you can just copy and paste in your tweet box and get the campaigns rolling will be shared amongst all the tweet-a-thon participants. Indirect participants can also be culled from your already existing network via retweets, tweets and mentions.


  • The idea of having 50 custom made tweets is in no way an attempt to box up your creativity. You can come up with your own tweets while ensuring that the hashtags, , , and are mentioned
  • Let your creative juices go on overdrive, connect , , and with every connectable, be it your lunch, attire for the day or even your neighbors noisy generator. Just about anything is allowed except obscenities
  • For an effective tweeting experience, ensure to have your gadget charger and power source available and handy for use when necessary
  • Do take adequate water breaks and relax form time to time, because tweet-a-thon like marathons can get tiring.

Tweet-Sheet (20 units of tweets): Facts about Day of the African Child held annually on June 16:

The June 16 annual #AfricanChildDay event honors the memories of students who were massacred in Soweto, South Africa, in 1976. #SafeSchools

The students were massacred for protesting against education injustice and inequality in the apartheid regime. #SafeSchools #AfricanChildDay

June 16 was designated as #AfricanChildDay in 1991 by the African Union and every year events are organised to promote children’s rights.

This year’s #AfricanChildDay theme is “Right to participate: let children be seen and heard”. #SafeSchools

Thirty million of the world’s 57million children out of school are in sub-Saharan Africa. #SafeSchools #AfricanChildDay

The biggest #AfricanChildDay event this year is a youth takeover of the Africa Union, by 500 young people from countries continent-wide.

On June 16, there will be 560 days left until the MDG’s deadline of the last day of 2015. #EducationCountdown #AfricanChildDay

Millennium Development Goal 2 was to ensure that all children in the world are in school and learning. #EducationCountdown #AfricanChildDay

The #AfricanChildDay 2013 theme was “eliminating harmful social and cultural practices affecting children: our collective responsibility”.

One in six children born in sub-Saharan African do not live to their fifth birthday. #AfricanChildDay

More than 100 events in more than 40 countries are being held around the world to mark the #AfricanChildDay.

A campaign to end child marriage across Africa was launched in May by the African Union. #AfricanChildDay

One in three girls in low and middle-income countries are married by the age of 18. #AfricanChildDay #ChildNotBride

One of the aims of the #AfricanChildDay is to highlight harmful practices such as genital mutilation.

Thirty million girls in Africa are in danger of undergoing female genital mutilation in the next decade. #AfricanChildDay

The poorest children in sub-Saharan Africa are 4.5 times more likely to be out of school than the richest children. #AfricanChildDay

By the year 2050 almost one in three of the world’s children under 18 will be African. #AfricanChildDay

The children of African women with at least five years of schooling have a 40 percent higher chance of survival. #AfricanChildDay

Team @UNICEF has secured release of more than 1,000 children from armed groups in the Central African Republic this year. #AfricanChildDay

Tweet why education is important to you using these hashtags: #BringBackOurGirls #SafeSchools #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

#AfricanChildDay: Tweet-Sheet (20 units of tweets): Facts about Day of the African Child held annually on June 16:


Tweet-Sheet (5 units of tweets): Custom made tweets focused on the activities of A World at School

We are joining @aworldatschool to celebrate #AfricanChildDay and participating in global tweet-a-thon so that every child may go to school!

As part of the #EducationCountdown, we are having a global tweet-a-thon in Abuja, Nigeria to mobilise for education with @aworldatschool.

More than half of the 57 million children out of school are in Africa. Join our call for education with @aworldatschool on #AfricanChildDay.

Share photos on Twitter using the hashtags #AfricanChildDay and #EducationCountdown and we’ll retweet some of the best.

Connect with @aworldatschool and @DMDInitiatives using the hashtags #AfricanChildDay and #EducationCountdown in the education conversation.

#AfricanChildDay: Tweet-Sheet (5 units of tweets): Custom made tweets focused on the activities of @aworldatschool:


Tweet-Sheet (15 units of tweets): 500-Day Countdown for Global Education

The 500-Day Countdown for Global Education is a campaign about equal opportunity for every child. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

MDG 2 states by 2015, children everywhere would be able to complete a full course of primary education. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

Even as we approach the 2015 deadline, 57 million children remain out of school. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

Hundreds of millions more are not learning. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

At the current rate, it will be 2086 before the last girl is able to go to attend primary school. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

We must accelerate efforts to get every child into school and learning. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

We must eliminate the largest barriers that keep millions of children out of school. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

Education unites us all. It is the bridge between social injustice and opportunity for young people. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

Education advances our shared goals across the many social justice campaigns we collectively support. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

Education is the key to poverty alleviation, economic empowerment etc. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

We cannot achieve our goals without ensuring every child goes to school. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

Education is the only acceptable alternative to the discrimination faced by millions of children every day. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

Education should be a key message in ongoing campaigns and mobilisations. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

If we achieve the goal of education, we can achieve the world we all want to live in. #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

What are the barriers affecting half of the out-of-school population? #AfricanChildDay #EducationCountdown

#AfricanChildDay: Tweet-Sheet (15 units of tweets): 500-Day Countdown for Global Education: #EducationCountdown

Tweet-Sheet (10 units of tweets): #BringBackOurGirls: Solidarity Quotes and more from around the world

“Nigerian Government needs to understand what its responsibilities are and find the girls.” ~ @MalalaFund. #BringBackOurGirls

“How can we get the Nigerian school-girls back home? The world cannot be this cruel!” ~ @KeriHilson. #BringBackOurGirls

“Those girls must be found! We will not give up till they come back! Safe and sound!” ~ @abikedabiri. #BringBackOurGirls

“As a father, I share the outrage of Nigeria’s mothers; Titi and my daughter, Maryam will be at the march.” ~ @atiku. #BringBackOurGirls

#BringBackOurGirls: “The traditional media has not paid adequate attention to the cause.” ~ @KoloKennethK.

“Don’t spend your retweet time criticizing the #BringBackOurGirls movement. If you don’t believe in it, ignore and move on.” ~ @ofilispeaks

#BringBackOurGirls: If you are part of the body of Christ those little girls belong to all of us.” ~ @mckinneyhammond

“More than 200 Nigerian girls are missing. No child should be targeted for going to school. We must #BringBackOurGirls.” ~ @melindagates

#BringBackOurGirls: “Access to education is a basic right and an unconscionable reason to target innocent girls…” ~ @HillaryClinton

“Rape! Violence against Girls! Vesicovaginal Fistula! HIV/AIDS! These are the outcomes of any delay to #BringBackOurGirls.” ~ @blcompere.

#AfricanChildDay: Tweet-Sheet (10 units of tweets): #BringBackOurGirls: Solidarity Quotes from around the world:


Last Notes:

We wish to appreciate you warmly for being open and connected to this experience.

Team @DMDInitiatives


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